Monday, 19 December 2011

Sweet Libertine

Some time ago, mineral makeup seller Sweet Libertine offered 2 eye shadows for the cost of postage. Of course, how could I pass up an offer like that??? I threw a sample pack in the shopping cart also, because I can't receive a parcel that only contains 2 pots of shadow ;) It took quite a long time for the Sweet Libertine goodies to arrive, however, that was due to such a huge response, not surprisingly, to free eye shadows.
The 2 full size shadows I received:

CAFE AU LAIT: *A light brown eyeshadow with a gorgeous peach shimmer
 Lovely neutral colour with shimmer. When applied dry it is lighter, but there is visible red glitter throughout, which doesn't seem to appear when wet.

DISCO BUTTERFLY: *This mineral eyeshadow looks gray but actually reflects light to look purple, blue, or pink. Would make a great smokey eye.
A very shimmery silvery lilac, such a pretty colour.

Baggie samples:

STARDUST MEMORIES: *A very pale gray mineral eyeshadow with a subtle multi-color sparkle.
Silvery white with multi-colour shimmer. Perfect highlighter shadow.

KING FOUCALT FIGHTING: *A light tan/gold with a green and silver sheen. 
Brilliant shimmery silver.

SERENDIPITY DO DA: *A gold/white mineral eyeshadow with a copper sheen.
White gold shimmer.

DAZED & CONFUCIUS: *A sheer purplish beige mineral eye shadow. 
Mauve shimmer.

KANGAROOSTER: *A medium-to-light olive eyeshadow with a gold sheen that turns olive green when applied wet.
Dry, I find it to be a champagne colour. Wet, it is a shimmery pewter.

SMOKING GUN: *A smokey grey with a blue hue that shimmers with pink, green and blue. 
Gun metal grey shimmer with a blueish hue.

BOOMBOX: *A reddish purple mineral eyeshadow. A fun, punky color.
Violet shimmer, I found this one a little harder to apply, it didn't seem to adhere well.

CAT FIGHT: *A dark purple that shimmers with blues, greens and pinks. 
Smokey grey with shimmery purple hue.

SULTRY: * (not listed)
Gorgeous blackened purple shimmer.

THAI SILK: *A stunning orange mineral eyeshadow – works well with all eye colors.
Awesome metallic coppery orange colour- HOT!!

It was hard for me to decide what shadows to use for an EOTDs, so I did 2. The 1st one I used DISCO BUTTERFLY on the lid with SULTRY in the crease, and STARDUST MEMORIES for a highlighter. 

I so needed THAI SILK on my it is :)

Along with a huge range of mineral eye shadows, on offer are also blushes, bronzers, mineral veils, lip balms, lip gloss and lip tints. I found the colours easy to work with, apart from BOOMBOX, it didn't seem to have the same consistency of the others. Having a look at the blushes, I'll be sure to get some samples, as my next order needs to have a full size of THAI SILK! :)

You can read more about company owner Sarah Waller HERE.


  1. Wonderful swatches! Just gasped at Boombox and Cafe Au Lait :) The blue shade and Thai Silk look beautiful on you <3

  2. Su, Cafe Au Lait is gorgeous and I'm so glad that I received a fs.