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Sweet Anthem: Holiday and Halloween 2011 Collections.

Being a fan of Sweet Anthem perfumes, I had to take advantage of the sample set of  6 Holiday perfume oils for $12. I am surprised that I stopped at the samples, but I know that there's at least 2 that I want full sizes of. Meredith also sent solid perfume samples of Nell and Tara.

 AYN: *Just a dab prepares you for any philosophical discussion. An objective perfume for him or her featuring deep herbs, fruits, and spices.

• Top Notes: Blackberry, Rosemary
• Heart Notes: Hollyberry
• Base Notes: Sage
Sharp, spicy and fruity sweetness. It seems to have a rich boozy quality, when first applied. I find Ayn an uplifting blend, yet dark enough for wear in cooler months. It dries down to a woodsy. sweet scent with just enough spice. For a perfume with such strong components, it has quite a mild throw, unless I sniff my wrists. I get wafts that remind me of a sweet menthol, almost like the cough lollies, "Butter Menthols". I like it!

SYLVIA: *How frail the human heart must be. When a hot bath won't cure what ails you, this perfume surely will: a bit of bubbly under the mistletoe, with wreaths of osmanthus and tuberose, will make anyone merry and bright.

• Head Notes: Champagne, Mistletoe
• Heart Notes: Osmanthus, Tuberose
• Base Notes: Cedarwood.
Sharp, herbal note, floral and slightly tart effervescence. On me, Sylvia softens to an almost powdery note, I find this stage more wearable. This perfume is not for me, but I appreciate the complex blend.

EUGENE: *  All your wits will vanish this season with a dry spices blend perfect for making merry. Green spices and black pepper celebrate with clean woods and musk.

• Top Notes:
• Heart Notes: Orris, Black Pepper
• Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood.
Smoky, woodsy and sweet. The smell makes me think of a thick green forest, with smoke in the distance. This fragrance softens with a nice soapy quality. A great fresh unisex blend.

STANFORD: *Made for tarts, harlots, and chastised sweethearts. Herbal teas and heady liqueurs are softened by sweet woods and fruits.

• Top Notes: Absinthe, Orange Peel
• Heart Notes: Cassie, Fig
• Base Notes: Angelica Root, Green Tea
 Soothing blend. Herbal and earthy, but not sharp, just a touch bitter at first. Conjures up images of snow on pine trees.

SHEILA: *Oh, most gracious of beings, my queen. A commanding perfume with sharp, herbal top notes that demand to be heavy, smoky, green, and woody on skin.

• Top Notes: Chamomile, Rosemary
• Heart Notes: Lotus, Tuberose
• Base Notes: Myrrh.
Sheila begins smoky, woody and quite sharp. Like burning autumn leaves, harsh yet warm.

LINDA: *A gold-wrapped chocolate infused with sweet liqueur, enjoyed in a cozy leather arm chair by the fire. Nothing entirely too fancy, but a staple nonetheless.

• Top Notes: Cherry
• Heart Notes: Black Pepper, Currants
• Base Notes: Cocoa, Gold, Leather.
Linda is sweet, syrupy, grounded with leather and spices to prevent a cloying fragrance. It is such a warm, heavy scent. Perfect for cooler months. I love it!
Some interesting perfumes in this collection. My faves are Linda and Ayn..yummm, but could be loved by foody haters :)

Only a day later, I was thrilled to receive another Sweet Anthem order, purchased with a Heartsy voucher. EDP sprays of Caroline, Beatrice and Vicky. Solid perfume samples of Adrej and Phoebe were added to my order, which was perfect, as these, along with Vicky, make up the Halloween 2011 collection. I'd like to add, that the packaging is so cute!

Halloween 2011 collection:

VICKY: *Love don't take no reservations, love is no square deal. A devastating blend of almond, cinnamon, and sweet orange.

• Top Notes: Sweet Orange
• Heart Notes: Cinnamon
• Base Notes: Almond.
I purchased this perfume unsniffed, and so glad that I did. It starts with a bitter citrus note. Dries to a slightly powdery, yet tart fragrance, with a touch of spice. It's feminine and not too foody. Lingers beautifully.

PHOEBE: * While leaves crackle underfoot on cold dirt, the imminence of the year's inaugural snowfall looms in the sharp air. Northwest pines and a local lavender create a fougere for those transitional months, when the moon hangs high and your exhaled breaths are barely visible.

• Top Notes: Pinyon Pine, Snow
• Heart Notes: Lavender, Maple Sugar
• Base Notes: Amber, DIrt, Tobacco.
Phoebe is intoxicating and feminine. Sweet. floral and superb. I adore her in solid form. When I read the notes in the description, I'm surprised (not disappointed) it's not sharper than what I actually detect. I need this one!

ANDREJ: *As the wax shapes cast divine shadows on the wall, St. Andrew's Day closes in a meeting of the magical and the mundane. This auspicious mix of acorns, clove, hazelnuts, and orange peel accommodates a rather uncomplicated musk.

• Top Notes: Clove, Orange Peel
• Heart Notes: Hazelnut
• Base Notes: Acorns, Hay Absolute.
Andrej in solid form is sharp, smoky and spicy. The strong notes dry down with a slightly creamy quality. It's a unisex blend.
In my orders there was also:
Beatrice, reviewed here.

CAROLINE: *Ambergris, Bergamot, Champagne, Jasmine, Lemon, Oakmoss, Vanilla Sugar.
On first sniff, I found this perfume very strong on lemon and florals. Quickly, the scent mellowed, still very citrusy and floral, but lovely, tangy, yet sweet and feminine. Quite a summery, bubbly fragrance.

NELL: My review of Nell in oil form is here. In solid, she isn't quite as sharp, and I find her sweeter. I prefer Nell in solid form.

TARA: *Black Tea, Damascus Rose, Red Currant, Rosewood, Saffron, Thyme.
On the skin, Tara is herbal and earthy, almost like smelling roots. The overall throw that I get has a tart, floral note to it. Quite a nice fragrance.

Other Sweet Anthem perfumes that I've tried to date are:

JULIET: * A starcross'd love – balmy jasmine sambac flowers and orange blossoms are encircled in enchanting spices. Nips of fresh mango and a faintly glimmering sea shore lay the scene in fair Verona. (Spice)
• Head Notes: Mango, Pink Pepper
• Heart Notes: Clove abs., Jasmine Sambac, Neroli
• Base Notes: Muskwood, Tobacco
    At first application, when wet, I find this perfume to be very green..woodsy ferns, quite herbal and a little pungent. In no time, once dry, the pungent scent fades into a sweet, feminine perfume. Quite intoxicating. Lovely floral, with a tart, citrus note. I only get a hint of smokiness. I'm definitely considering a full size.

ANITA: *Moroccan Mint, Peppermint, Pink Sugar, Turkish Mocha, Vanilla.
    I have this in a spray, I'm so glad that I got a full size! When I 1st spray this on, I smell mint and wafers. The mint begins to mellow, letting seep through, the scents of mocha and vanilla. I keep smelling my clothes, because this is wear the scent is strongest, and boy does it have lasting power on the clothes. As common with Sweet Anthem perfumes, the scent changes again with time, to a slightly sweeter perfume, the faint traces of mint seem to prevent the perfume from being too cloyingly sweet. Mmmm, I'll just keep sniffing away.... :)

EMILY: *Almond, Coconut, Honey, Milk, Oatmeal, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Yuzu.
    Yet another full sized spray that I am so glad I gambled on buying unsniffed. When wet, I get the notes almond, sandalwood and a little coconut. It almost smells earthy, not at all what I was expecting, ok, not great. A little time passes, then hello tropical, sweet Yuzu. The coconut appears a little stronger at the perfect time to compliment the yuzu, along with the subtle creaminess of milk and oatmeal. Two days later, and when I sniff the top I had been wearing, the perfume is still there..coconut, yuzu, vanilla, gorgeous tropical scent. I love it!!

KAREN: *Coconut, Jasmine, Violet.
    Wet, this fragrance is strong on flowers, and I can't detect the coconut at all. It's a little strong for me for some time. Upon drydown, I get a little of the coconut, but it's still overpowered by the jasmine and violet, well I'm assuming both, as I have no idea what their notes are, lol. The florals have powdered a little, and I get a slightly metallic note. After wear, I'm not a fan of the scent I get on my wrist, but like the throw, as I get more of the coconut that I adore. I'm wondering if I'd like the spray, but not sure if I like it enough to take that chance..

MADELINE: *Black Currant, Cognac, Immortelle, Pine, Sandalwood, White Ginger.
    I so wanted to like Madeline. I was expecting a boozy fragrance with pine giving it a nice twist. However, for me it was mostly pine, and reminded me of, I hate to say it, floor cleaner. It did mellow over time, the sharpness of the ginger remained. Unfortunately,it gave me a headache, so I'll be quick to pass it on.

REBECCA: *Agarwood, Amber, Black Pepper, Bluebonnets, Ginger, Honey, Pear, Tobacco.
    When I first applied Rebecca, it was like "whoa, woodsy!" I thought that there must have been amber in this perfume, then after reading what notes are in Rebecca, realised it had to be the Agarwood. There is a slight hint of sweetness from the pear and honey, but my skin seems to amp the agarwood. My 1st impression was not a good one, I wasn't overly keen, but as time passed, the strong woodsiness began to have a smokey, spicy side, and the sweetness was more noticeable, only barely, but enough to lift this fragrance. This is such a mysterious, exotic and sexy scent. It is incensy, but I don't find it too heady. Not quite for me, altho, the more I wear it, the more I like it, and I do appreciate the beautiful blend of these notes.

MIHO: *Sweet Orange,Lotus, Violet, Coconut, Musk, Sea Moss.
    Comes out of the bottle a floral and fruity blend, feminine  and summery. As the perfume mellows, the coconut and musk emerge, introducing a more soft side. Very nice, would consider a full size.

WENDY: *Black Currant, Civet, Gardenia, Matcha Tea, Peony, White Cedarwood.
    Wet, this perfume is a very rich, earthy scent. It's quite invigorating with the cedarwood woodsy note. It softens nicely with the florals appearing, but not becoming too heady, being grounded by the slight sharp notes. Quite an interesting scent. I'm sure to use up the sample, but not sure I'll buy a full size.

    ALICE: *Edelweiss, Hemp, Musk, Mysore Sandalwood, Tobacco, Tuberose, White Amber.
    A spicy, smokey floral. A little sharp at first, but quickly mellows. It's a sexy, rich, earthy type of perfume. After wear, it becomes sweeter. Lovely blend.

RED QUEEN: *Black Cardamom, Bourbon, Fig, Honey, Leather, Rose, White Pepper.
    When I applied this perfume, I got smoke and leather and sweetness, in that order. Rather than smelling blended, it seemed to contrast, as in the different notes were trying to outdo each other. After reading the notes of this perfume, I could begin to detect the notes, the smokey scent indeed was the black cardamom, I could smell the fig and honey, quite obvious, once I knew. I am so not good at detecting scents on my own. Upon drydown, the leather is still there, and the black cardamom, but not so in your face smokey. The booziness of the bourbon begins to appear,  and it becomes a softer, more wearable (for me) perfume. I was surprised that there is rose, as I really can't seem to detect that note, this perfume doesn't scream floral, as most perfumes with rose often do. This was a summer release, but to me, it would be more suited to autumn.A nice fragrance, am wondering if it would be more preferable to me in the edp version.

LOUISE: *Amber, Benzoin, Lavender, Maple Syrup, Opium, Pumpkin.
    At first, this perfume reminds me of a lozenge..funnily enough. Slightly like a honey and lemon one, well there is maple syrup in there, not sure where the lemon-y smell comes from, lol. The pumpkin gives a slight fruitiness to this interesting perfume. If I really search, I can detect a slight lavender note, but it's not strong, and doesn't ruin this scent for me, as I'm not a fan of lavender. Louise is slightly smokey and spicy. On drydown, I am left with a sweet fruity scent. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long on my skin.

Hmm, I wonder how long I can last before making another Sweet Anthem order.. :)

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