Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sweet Anthem Fall 2011 Collection

After years of research and established since 2007, creator  Meredith Smith now boasts a huge range of scented goodies available from her website, etsy store and her recently opened bricks-and-mortar shop (wouldn't I love the opportunity to go there!!) More info on Meredith can be found here.

I must credit my love of Sweet Anthem perfumes to Heartsy. I was so impressed with the perfume oils and perfume sprays which I'd ordered, that when there was a pre-order offered of her fall collection, I jumped at the chance to order the sample set of 7 perfumes at the price of US$28, including postage. The samples are not your typical vial samples, but little bottles with screw-on cap. I get quite a few uses out of each sample.

I realise I am late in reviewing the fall set, however, I can largely thank customs for holding up my parcel of scented goods. I don't like to comment too much on actual postage time, as most of my parcels arrive from the US, I have to not only take into consideration international postage, but also customs has become stricter, as I've found out lately, with quite a few of my parcels being opened to be inspected. I do find that Meredith's service is great, each order is made fresh, and from experience, she replies emails quickly and is such a lovely lady to deal with. 

I couldn't wait to get into my Sweet Anthem parcel when it arrived, I wanted to send my nose into overdrive sniffing the fall perfumes, to decide exactly what I wanted to buy a full size of, as I'd recently bought yet another Sweet Anthem Heartsy voucher.

Anita was a freebie sample in my order, I have her in the EDP spray, but I'm yet to try the sample to see if they are similar, seeing as I have them in different forms of perfume.

Now for the reviews...Please accept my apology in advance, I am only just a novice at reviewing perfumes :/

NELL: * Top notes: Cardamom, Creamy milk, Peach. Heart notes: Damascus rose. Base notes: Black tea.
 Begins quite a tart, fruity perfume. I can detect a sharp note, slightly smokey. The smokiness and sharpness all but disappear into such a feminine scent. The sweet, juicy peach brightens and lifts the perfume. After wear, the peach mellows into a creamy, yet still sweet scent. I'm on the fence with this one, don't get me wrong, I really like it, but when I 1st apply, I get the dreaded headache. It does disappear as the perfume mellows. Do I endure the headache for a nice scent??

BEATRICE: *Top Notes: Rhubarb. Heart Notes: Mahogany. Base Notes: Frankincense, Tonka Bean
    Beatrice is robust and has spice, with a fruit flavour. Upon drydown, her softer side appears. She's sweet and warm. Yum, I need a full size!

MIRANDA: *Top Notes: Pink Pepper, White Pepper. Heart Notes: Immortelle. Base Notes: Black Agar, Cocoa, White Agar.
    Woodsy lovers need to try Miranda. She definitely has a woodsy bite, sharp and earthy. It isn't for the faint of heart..certainly not for me, I felt a little nauseous after wearing, Miranda's bite is as loud as her bark :)

COLIN: *Top Notes: Benzoin, Cardamom. Heart Notes: Honey. Base Notes: Amber, Frankincense, Myrrh.
    Sweet, spicy, intoxicating incense scent. The sweetness of honey and warmth of cardamon gives a comforting side to this perfume. Of course, there's more complexity to this scent. The amber provides slight sharpness, grounded with the spicy incense nature of Frankincense, Myrrh and I assume Benzoin. After wear the sharpness and spiciness are no longer so obvious, and are somewhat powdered down to a softer scent. Very nice, full size contender for sure.

MAUREEN: * Top notes: Almond, Fig ,Mint. Heart Notes: Morrocan Rose. Base Notes: Chai Tea, Myrrh.
    Sweet floral, fruity, grounded with warm chai spices and almond. I can't seem to detect the mint. It's not heady, but strong enough to be noticed.

LESLIE: *Top Notes: Grapefruit, Yuzu. Heart Notes: Lily, Incense. Base Notes: Leather, Sandalwood, Sea Moss.
    After application Yuzu and grapefruit fight to not be outdone by strong scent of leather. The incensey note seems to be a mediator between the contrasting notes. After wear, Leslie becomes a more even blend on me. The different notes are still contenders, but no longer seem to be at war with each other. Leslie is sweet, but has a dark side..she loves her leather knee highs ;)

ANNABELLE: *Top Notes: Sea Salt. Heart Notes: Jasmine, Osmanthus. Base Notes: White Amber
    Ok, I'm not sure if my chemistry eats up oceany notes of this perfume, but I don't get any. In saying that, I do find this scent to be a beautiful sweet floral, not too heady, being grounded by the amber. Annabelle surely is the belle of the ball, she's outgoing, but surely a lady.

Out of the Fall scents, my faves are Beatrice, Colin, Annabelle, Maureen, and Leslie is growing on me.

  Currently these perfumes are available at $50 for 3 EDP sprays or 2 10ml roller perfumes

*These are my opinions only of how I interpret how the perfume works with my body chemistry. What I like or may not like, may not  be shared by others.


  1. Can't believe I missed this post! Great reviews.
    I'm loving the description of Beatrice and Colin. I could blind buy Colin, just by your review :)

  2. Great choices, Su. I have an EDP of Beatrice coming my way, Colin has to wait, because I also ordered Caroline and one of the Halloween perfumes.