Friday, 11 November 2011

Pure Fusion Review

Yep, this purchase is Heartsy's fault, yet again ;) I've wanted to increase the amount of mattes in my mineral eye shadow collection, and noticed that Pure Fusion had quite a few mattes in their etsy store. So, with another Heartsy voucher bought, I ordered some eye shadows. Ingredients of products are listed on the site, the shadows were posted shrink-wrapped, which I like.

Matte Chocolate is a versatile neutral colour.

Matte French Cafe is a light neutral shade. I found it hard to capture it dry, so swatched it wet.

Penelope is similar to matte chocolate, but has shimmer.

Hestia is a very usable gold, leaning neutral.

Matte Lilac is just that..applying wet makes it more vibrant.

Matte Deep Moss is a dark olive green.

I found that these shadows were easy to work with, and adhered well. I am considering ordering in future. I would like to purchase a collection (or 2), Pure Fusion showcases collections of various "looks" including a pic and instructions on how to get that look.. a nice touch, and great for encouraging sales, in my opinion.

Here's an EOTD of a couple of the shadows I purchased:

I used Matte Lilac on my lid, Matte Chocolate in the crease, Matte French Cafe above crease and Hestia on inner lid (should have left that one out, but wanted to play, lol)

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