Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Latherati Closing Down..

Etsy store, Latherati is closing down. Sadly, I've only just found this store, as I'm happy with the quality of the perfume oils that I have received.  All products sold, which include perfumes, soaps, lip balms and creams are book inspired. I'm not a huge reader of literary books, tho from reviews that I have read, this seller is pretty spot on with matching  scents with characters.

What I've found with the perfumes that I currently have is that, on me, they soften quite quickly and seem to linger. Lovely soft fragrances...I am planning to purchase more, I'm a sucker for a sale!!

The perfumes that I currently own, and are still listed in the store are:

Sinister- Fall pumpkins, black licorice, carnival cotton candy and a hint of spearmint.
All the notes are easily detected, nothing really stands out to me, the notes just blend together so well.

Celebration- A party of sparkling champagne, creamy orange and a hint of juicy strawberries.
This is such an effervescent uplifting scent. It's fruity, tart and sweet. To me it smells a little like the fruit tingles lollies. A lovely summery scent.

Matchmaker- Ripe strawberries, orchid and a touch of plum.
Sweet, fruity and floral. Soft and feminine.

Dairymaid-  A sweet blend of milk and honey and fresh butter cream.
With this perfume, I imagine sweet, dripping melted honey, mixed with a hint of creamy butter...yummmmmmmm.

So, if you want great bath and beauty products at slashed prices, or want to stock up on your fave Latherati products, head to the store and shop away :)


  1. I got my order a few days ago! Very impressed with the service and LOVE Queen Bee body oil! Thanks for enabling :D

    Julie told me in Etsy convo that the store will relaunch early next year. Good news :)

  2. That is great to hear that she'll be relaunching!! Thanks for passing that on, the meantime, I'll make the most of the sale :)