Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Opulent Alchemy Review

When I first heard about Etsy seller Opulent Alchemy, I was a little meh about it all, thinking that I really wasn't interested in dupes of various store bought perfumes. I finally decided that for my blog, I'd buy them for reviewing purposes, any excuse is a good excuse, right?? ;) The hardest part of this purchase was trawling through the incredible list of perfume oil dupes listed in Opulent Alchemy's blog. My order arrived in a cute little box.

The fragrances, including postage cost a total of $25, very reasonable for 7 perfume oils.

The packaging includes roller-ball application. The labels are very cute. Perfumes ordered as follows:

JLo- Love at first Glow: *The original version has bergamot, neroli, Georgia peach, pink jasmine, wild rose, osmanthus, freesia, sheer musk, blond woods and vanilla absolute.
I've read some pretty scathing reviews about the original, I have no idea what it smells like, but I'm liking Opulent Alchemy's version. It starts off quite sweet and musky. Very quickly, I get a fresh, only slightly woodsy, yet sweet, but not overly so, scent. It is subtle, "airy" and lingers close to the skin. I really like this summery scent.

Beyonce- Heat: *A vanilla oriental for women that sizzles … glamorous, confident & seductive. Top notes of are sweet with a bite - red vanilla-orchid, magnolia, neroli & peach. A sultry heart of honeysuckle, almond & musky cream, leads to the base notes of sequoia wood, tonka & amber.
Begins sugary, and a little tart, which prevents the perfume being cloyingly sweet. It's a fun, girly scent. It has an almost effervescent quality. With a name like Heat, I was expecting some spice, there was none, but I still find it an enjoyable fragrance to wear.

Britney Spears- Fantasy: *This feminine scent possesses a blend of red lychee, kiwi, cupcake, jasmine, white chocolate, musk, orris root.
This is one of the few perfumes that I've bought "over-the-counter". It is long gone now, but I loved it. I thought I'd purchase a perfume that I'd tried, to see how close these dupes are. I know it's a girly fragrance, I almost hear giggling teen girls, lol. The scent is bright, bubbly, and sweet like candy. It evokes the colour pink.  I'm happy to report that the dupe smells the same as the original :)

Aquolina- Chocolovers: * Unmistakable, senusal, mysterious, the scent of chocoalte has incrediable powers. Chocolvers (type)contains essential & fragrance oils of Corainder, Patchouly, Orange, Bergamot, Lemon , Lily of the Valley, Hazelnut, Malt, Toasted Caramel, Musk, & Vanilla Absolute.
This is a rich cocoa scent, with a slight citrus-y note. The tartness lifts the dark scent, making it an ideal perfume for any time of year.

Estee Lauder- Pleasures: *Refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of white lily, lilac, rose & violet …accompanied by a hint of sandalwood.
Instant bouquet of flowers, but not too heady. Such a feminine scent. Evokes visions of walking through a blooming garden in summer.

Jessica Simpson- Fancy: *Oriental/vanilla fragrance is sexy, luscious gourmand that is as alluring as it is feminine. Perfumer Alexis Dadier whips up a delectable scent, with top notes of pear, apricot & red berries; heart notes of gardenia, jasmine, almond & caramel; with sensuous base notes of sandalwood, vanilla & amber.
Sweet, fruit and floral. Girly, fun fragrance. Very nice perfume.

Sweetie..Hot Apple Pie....
Syrup-y baked apples with cinnamon. Warm, sweet and mouth-wateringly delicious, I can almost taste it! So foody, so yummm, I love it!

I am so glad that I placed an order with Opulent Alchemy. I know there are plenty of cheap dupes out there, but they are often cheap AND nasty, with this seller you can be sure that what you are applying is not harmful in any way, in fact, it's also vegan. There's so, so many I want to try..for reviewing purposes, of course!! ;)

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