Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Indio Skincare

I recently purchased some Indio products from sale site Brands Exclusive. I often quickly delete emails from the sale sites that I've signed up to, only because I get too tempted, but I thought I'd check it out for the skincare. I've never heard of Indio Skincare before, and a quick look at the site revealing that the company is Australian was a definite pro for me. I purchased Vitamin A serum, Vitamin C serum (musts for my anti-aging skincare routine) and Multi-V serum.

These serums are 15ml in size. For this order I payed $68.95 for the Vitamin A serum with the Vitamin C serum free, and the Multi-V serum $54.95. Postage was $10.50, which is a bit steep for local shipping, but at a total of $134.40 for active products, I thought that I was getting them for a good price.

Taken from the site: Vitamin C Serum is described as "A 12% Vitamin C featuring the potent Japanese Nikkol VCIP Vitamin C ester. It has outstanding transdermal absorption and anti-oxidant activity and assists in the reduction of premature aging and brightening of the skin. (For all skin types, including sensitive)"
Vitamin A serum is "A superior formulation packed full of the best of the best key ingredients in fighting anti-aging and free radical damage. Contains lipiud layer enhancers, wrinkle smoothing peptides, vitamins, antioxidants to enhance and improve the skin, smooth wrinkles, improve firmness, rejuvenates and imparts a more clearer, more vibrant complexion. (Suitable for all skin types)"
Multi-V serum has "Encapsulated vitamins A, H and F to even out skintone, hydrate and revitalise the skin while reducing the appearance of redness. Excellent for skin needing extra nourishment and balancing of the sebaceous activities. Great for acne and rosacea sufferers. The Biotin and Allantoin have strengthening properties and ingredients such as Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis providing large amounts of hydration. Also contains Green tea, which is an antioxidant. (For all skin types)"

Ok, after such spiels, how could I resist??? ;) I am yet to use these serums because the OCD in me must use up current skincare (as long as it's not causing problematic reactions) before starting new products. Rest assured, I will be posting my thoughts once I have been using these amazing SOUNDING serums.


  1. Nice haul :) Never heard of Indio but they all sound promising! Waiting to hear your thoughts :)

  2. i am sitting here, waiting for your thoughts :)

    ... still waiting =P

  3. Well, here's my thoughts so far...the bottles look quite impressive :P