Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lytic Cocktail

I am very lucky to know Su, writer of the fantastic blog, My Perfume Diaries. After telling her about my latest obsession with perfume oils, she kindly sent me some that she had created. I am hoping she will eventually begin selling perfumes, because if she doesn't, it will be a great talent wasted, in my opinion.
Not only did she send me some samples, but Su also created a perfume custom made for me as a birthday gift. Now this post is a LONG time coming, as my birthday is 29th of December..I am so so behind on my product reviews (gasp!)

I love that Su named the perfume after me. She got the scent just right. 

MICHELLE: Warm, comforting creamy and rich. This perfume is so me. It's gourmand and delectable. This scent envelopes the wearer, but not in an overpowering cloying way. It gives gentle wafts throughout wear. Just beautiful!

The other perfumes I tried:
Naked: * Soft, woodsy, ambery. It blends into the skin so well that you don't feel like you are wearing anything.. 
When wet, I smell sweet florals, grounded with just the right  amount of woodsy scent to stop this fragrance from being too heady. What I love is the fact that once dry, from time to time I smell the soft, sweet floral, such a fresh, spring scent. It's quite strange that when dry on my skin, all I get is a woodsy scent, which based on that I would not repurchase, however, because of the gorgeous "aroma" of light floral, I find it appealing.

Barren: *Very dry scent. Oudh, Benzoin, Amber and Sandalwood.
This scent is indeed dry..smoky, woodsy, spice. Personally, I find this scent quite a masculine one. Dried on my skin, I only get that woodsy scent, however, the aroma it gives is slightly sweeter, but still on the masculine side. I love it on James, but not for me.

Pina Colada: *Pineapple, coconut, smokey vanilla. 
A prototype, still in the works. Wet application I get the gorgeous tropical, coconutty scent. Reminds me of sipping cocktails on a beach..well, what I imagine it to be like, lol. As Su warned, the top notes do disappear quite quickly. However, I'm still left with this lovely scent that is almost  like Malibu, slightly boozy (thanks to the smoky vanilla) coconutty aroma. There is a slight soapy smell to the skin after some wear, but not at all in a bad way, like an expensive luxe soap.

Cherry Sorbet: *Soft, light powdery cherry. Not too fruity or sweet. Light and airy like sorbet.
Wet, this perfume has a sweet red wine scent to it. Upon application, I smell a sweet, slightly fruity aroma. Although not heavy or cloyingly sweet, the overall scent is intoxicating and undeniabley feminine, on me, I'm happy to report that it lasts and lasts. I often get wafts of this lovely perfume throughout wear, which I love.

Topless: *Jasmine, tuberose, creamy vanilla/ameretto base. This is very dense floral, with no top notes, sexy. It comes out harsh, but gradually softens on the skin.
When wet, this perfume is quite potent, almost as if the florals have been dipped in a medicinal concoction. Tho, in no time, upon drydown, this perfume softens to a dense floral, not an in your face bouquet, but something more earthy, dark and sexy. I'm not sure if there is clove in this perfume, but when I sniff on my skin, this is what I smell, however, the wafts I get throughout wear does not reveal a clove scent. This is a floral I really love.

Toothache: *Spicey vanilla and cloves..smells like xmas pudding.
I get strong clove when this perfume is wet on the skin. As soon as it begins to dry, the vanilla begins to sweeten the scent. This is a grown up, slightly boozy version of xmas pudding, smells fruity and decadent.. There is also a hint of smokiness to this perfume. I get warmth, but not heat, it's comforting, especially suited to the colder months. When wearing this perfume, it conjures up feelings of staring into an open fire on a cold night, with a glass of red..(sigh) It is quite a rich full-bodied scent, but not totally in your face, as time goes by, the scent begins to become sweeter, the spices soften, but fortunately don't disappear. The spices and vanilla are perfectly balanced, not cloyingly sweet, not too much heat..Love it!

I begged Su for full sizes of all these, apart from Barren. I appreciated the blend, but it just wasn't me.
Su, please, please, PLEASE continue making perfumes! :)


  1. Awwww thank you so much! I am extremely happy that you liked my blends! 'Michelle' is sure a special one and you have to thank Sherry for it :)
    I love doing this and one day when I have enough resources and time I would love to be doing it every waking hour! Till then, we can have a birthday deal every year, just for you :) xoxo

    1. It would be a great thing if you could start up your own perfume business, its no surprise that I would certainly be a customer. You know I have now tried many perfumes, and yours are just as good, if not better.
      ps. I hope life is treating you well in the UK xx

  2. Agree with you Su makes lovely perfumes. I have tried the Cherry Sorbet and loved it, I also received a lot of compliments when I was wearing it :)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Sugarpuffish. Yes, I found that I got compliments wearing Cherry Sorbet also.