Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Silk Naturals

Needing more of my beloved AHA toner, I had to place an order with popular indie online store Silk Naturals.

I couldn't possibly place an order for just one product ;) So, I grabbed some eye shadows, too.

FIERCE: Peach with golden shimmer

HAIRPIN: Golden copper. Eyelight formula. Applied dry these shadows are a sheer, silky texture. Over a sticky base, the colour deepens, and the highlights are more obvious.

MODEL: Champagne shimmer. Eyelight formula.

CUSTOM: Foiled pink eyelight finish.

FUSION: Taupe eyelight finish.

DIG IT: Copperyy taupe shimmer.

TURBULENT: (Not listed) Frosted green.

POLY:  Sea green shimmer.

CUPCAKE: Frosted pale pink.


I am wearing Fusion on my lid, Fierce below brow, in crease and lower lashline is Dig It.

Above I have Turbulent on lid, along lashlines is Poly, under brow is Fusion and inner lid I applied Cupcake.

I love Silk Naturals makeup, I'm glad that some of the skincare on offer are now staple products for me..means great excuse for more orders!! :)

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