Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Soap Seduction

I love soaps and perfumes, next to makeup, they are my favourite products to buy. The online store on Etsy, Soap Seduction, have a great variety. The products on offer are soaps, perfumes, lip balms, scrubs and body oils. Quite a nice range to choose from. I placed a small order just to try a couple of things.

They came well packed and processing was fast. I ordered 2 perfumes and body oil, the soap was a lovely gift. This soap lathered nicely, but not too much, enabling it to last quite some time. It was also quite moisturising, like most natural soaps are. A great bonus, as I do love natural soaps.

I had never tried a body oil before, so purchased Sugar Cookie bath and body oil. Of course smelling like cookies is always a good thing, and this smelled divine! It soaked into my skin in no time. I had no worries about any staining on my clothes. My skin felt so soft and smooth all day. If there was one thing I could complain about, it would only be that delivery could be a little messy. It has a lid that you depress to allow product to come out of, this meant there was dripping on the bottle. But, it's worth putting up with, just to get the benefits of using the oil on the body.

Absinthe Minded: *hint of spice with a dash of mystery; herbal undertones of earth and woods and can be worn by both mamis and papis.
This one smells just like chai . I normally love the sweet spiciness that chai delivers, but I found this one a little too sweet for me. My sister loves it, and I like the smell of it on her, it just doesn't seem to work as well on my skin.

Honey Patchouli Eau de Viagra: *Blend of patchouli and sweet honey.
The sweetness of honey blends perfectly with rich earthy patchouli. There is a spiciness to this perfume also. It may be sweet, but it is not overly feminine. I love its richness!

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