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Solstice Scents

Online indie perfume seller Solstice Scents, offer a wide variety of bath and body products. Some background info can be found here. It is a popular company in the indie perfume world, I have no idea why it took me so long to place an order, but I'm so glad that I did.

I love that the labels appear to resist the oil and have stayed put on the vials. I hate when labels peel off, so you can no longer read what the perfume is. The logo is pretty cool, with the theme having a haunting look to it. I tried uite a few perfumes, here's my thoughts:

LINEN & IVY: *Fresh sun-washed linens hanging on the clothesline in the spring breeze meets crisp green top notes of English ivy and a touch of new green spring leaves.  A perfect choice for those looking for a very fresh and clean scent that is not your typical "clean cotton" fragrance.  On cold sniff and initial application, a beautiful green top note emerges.  The dry down is crisp, cool-toned and very fresh.  Would make an excellent year round scent!
When wet, this fragrance is very green and earthy, upon drydown the crispness appears. It's so lovely cool and fresh. Perfect description in listing!

CASCADE of GOLD:* Cascade of Gold is an utterly amazing, 100% natural and exquisite blend of essential oils, absolutes and Indian attars blended in our rice bran carrier oil.  Notes of sandalwood, white sandalwood, honeysuckle, champa and white lotus combine to form a divine and meditative scent that is also very sensual.  Cascade of Gold has a base of exotic incensey woods with a very strong amber note that has subtle balsamic undertones.  The floral notes are delicately blended so as to add just the right exotic touch to the warm wood and amber notes.  It smells like bottled sunset with the last of the days' golden orange rays peeking out mixed with humid deep south air that has been perfumed by a concentration of mid spring blooms.  You can almost literally feel a warmth radiating from your skin with this scent on.  The champa is the finest quality I've found and it contributes a delicate edge of spice to the blend as well.  The florals serenely float at the top of the blend adding a velvety white note for the first 10 minutes.  Their voice becomes softer and evolves to a relatively stable blend without morphing that smells warm, sweet, ambery, golden, robust, full bodied, exotic, floral and extremely sexy.  Cascade of Gold would make a wonderful blend for yoga, meditation, scrying or just before bed as it has a natural harmony and almost trance inducing properties.  
I really have nothing to add to this indepth accurate description. I am captivated by the warmth and incensy notes the powder down to an intoxicating, yet not overpowering fragrance.

DELLAMORTE: * On initial application, Dellamorte starts out with a bright burst of fresh green notes, dew kissed carnations, delicate creamy woods and a sweet element from the Egyptian musk and vanilla combination.  It stays relatively strong for about 15 minutes then smooths out into a sweet, woodsy and velvety scent with the carnation still present, though more gentle, with a subtle green note and a tiny hint of spice.
This one begins quite sharp and herbal on first application. After wear, I notice a softening of the sharper notes, and something smoky emerges. There is a warm floral sweetness, with a touch of spice. Unassuming, yet a little heady. Very nice.

GARDEN GATE: * Voluptuous Lilac blossoms in the foreground combine with faint traces of cascading wisteria and subtle, fresh, green grass notes. Contains a blend of fragrance oils and African Bluegrass EO to create a sweet, creamy and gorgeous floral. The dry down is an intensely beautiful and very wearable floral that smells true to the light purple flowers that inspired it.
At first, this fragrance reminds me of potpouri. Upon drydown, the florals soften and take on a creamy quality. Sweet, spring scent. Feminine and pretty.

SPIRIT TREE: *Delicate white flowers, soft vanilla and sandalwood. Fans of Spellbound Woods and gentle florals will enjoy this scent as the smooth and subtle woodsy base is comprised of Spellbound, Sandalwood EO, Sandalwood FO and Amyris EO which marries beautifully to the sweet jasmine blooms and elegant lily of the valley that lay in an intoxicating blanket on top. 
I could have sworn that I could smell lavander, apparantly not, lol. It's such a smoky floral, slightly woodsy. I find it a mysterious perfume, intriging without being over powering at all. 

CHANTILLY CREAM: *Our Chantilly Cream is white fluffy whipped cream sweetened with vanilla and just a touch of peach nectar. A light addition of lovely yellow mandarin essential oil tempers the juicy peach note. The primary notes in this blend are the whipped cream and a blend of vanillas and they are also the longest lasting. The peach nectar and yellow mandarin are more detectable in the cold sniff of the blend and are very subtle on the skin and add a juicy touch to the more dominant scent of the whipped cream accord.
This is so sweet and creamy. The fruity addition of mandarin and peach, give it a juiciness pairing perfectly with the cream. It is soft, feminine and I love it!

NIGHTGOWN: *Vanilla, White Chocolate, Tuberose & Tiare Flowers.
Soft florals perfectly blended with the sweetness, richness and creaminess of vanilla and white chocolate. It is beautifully feminine, soft smooth and dreamy, just like a silk nightgown.

GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE: *Moist layers of rich chocolate cake filled with mouth watering coconut and pecan icing. Contains cocoa and vanilla absolute and fragrance oils.
Sweet rich chocolate. Creamy smooth and delicious. This blend, although rich is not at all bitter. Yummo!

INQUISITOR: *A Dark Resinous Blend of Myrrh EO, Labdanum Absolute, Beeswax Absolute, Frankincense EO, Amber, Leather, Burning Woods.
I love how dark and raw this scent is. Rich leather, earthy woods. It is a sexy, unisex fragrance.

LACE DRAPED SPECTRE: *Madagascar Vanilla, Baby's Breath, Pink Carnation & Green Pepper Essential Oil.
Oh, this scent is sweet soft creamy forals. Rich with a vanilla note, and the hint of spicy pepper. It is so feminine and has an element of mystery. I love it, I must have it! :)

CHERRY CORDIAL: * Very fragrant and delicious blend of deep rich chocolate, a bit of raw cocoa and sweet juicy maraschino cherries. Contains cocoa absolute and fragrance oils.
This is a lovely blend of syrupy cherries and rich, warm chocolate. Delectable fragrance. It is quite close to my skin, but I get gentle wafts from time to time.

CENOBITE: *Dark, rich, boozy Vanilla Bean. Starts out as a strong vanilla liqueur but the dry down is a very smooth vanilla bean and French Vanilla. Several of my male customers also enjoy this vanilla as it is not a buttercream sweet vanilla.
This wears on me just like the description, yay a vanila that not only works well with my chemistry, but also lasts for some time. Not in your face sweet vanila, but smooth and grown up. It becomes slightly soapy on my skin, but not in a bad way, nice and luxe.

CHIFFON: *Vanilla, White Amber, White Musk & Lemon Myrtle EO.
This perfume is soft and light, with the tanginess of lemon. Quite a lovely blend.

BLACK FOREST: *Agarwood, Nagarmotha EO, Tobacco Absolute, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Cocoa Absolute, Maraschino Cherries, Black Cherries, Hay Absolute, Sandalwood EO, Whipped Cream & a drop of Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil.
This one is such a great concept, in the more in depth description, the purpose of this scent is for the decadent black forest cake scent to merge into a woodsy fragrance. This is exactly what happens on my skin. It begins syrupy, rich fruits and chocolate. All too quickly these notes vanish making way for smoky woodsiness. I wish some of the gourmand element of this perfume remained, as I found the woodsy aspect a little too much..great on my guy, tho.

SPELLBOUND WOODS: *A Soft, Incensy Blend of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar & Amber.
This scent is very appealing to me, with the incency woods blended perfectly with vanilla. Unfortunately my skin eats this one up, making it too faint.

MONSTER MASH: *Mahogany, Amber, Vanilla & Essential Oils of Black Pepper, All Spice, Cardamom and Sandalwood.
A dark rich spicy earthy blend, with an incensy headiness which just adds to the mysterious element of this perfume.A sexy unisex fragrance.

CHERRY VANILLA AMBROSIA: *A blend of 2 different ambers, black cherries, maraschino cherries, vanilla fragrance and absolute and a tiny hint of sweet mandarin orange slices.
The sweet fruitiness of cherries and slight tanginess of citrus is grounded by smoky amber. It is quite an alluring sexy blend, if only I didn't have to sniff my wrists to enjoy the scent.

I didn't link the scents to the site, as perfumes are offered seasonally, only some I tried are General Catalogue. 
I am so impressed with the perfumes. The descriptions on the site are thorough, making it easier to choose. I am in need of some full sizes, so I will be ordering again :)

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