Monday, 18 February 2013

NOTD- A Touch of Class, A Touch of Glitter

In the hope of creating a new look for my nails, I reached for my nifty little nail stickers. I bought a bunch from ebay, so had a nice selection to choose from. I really wanted to use a silver nail polish for my base colour, so decided that black stickers would contrast nicely.

Of course, Orly Bonder was applied first, as this base coat is FABULOUS :)
I then applied 2 coats of Naturistics nail polish in Chrome Crazy. I had not only never used this brand of nail polish before, but had not even heard of it. I just happened to come across it, thanks to an ebay store selling cheap nail polish. This is such a striking silver colour, that gave me perfect coverage after 2 applications. Next were the stickers. I began with the graduating flower stickers. I went ahead with a feature nail, and applied the extra flower sticker to my ring fingers. Although, the cute black designs on a silver backdrop looked fine, I felt that I needed a touch of colour. This is where I reached for Satin nail polish that is purple glitter in clear polish. I have only used Satin glitters. They're cheapies, but do the job. I'm not sure what the quality of their coloured nail polish is like.
As you can see in the pics, I only applied the glitter polish to the tips of my nails, but I thought it really gave this look the extra little "something" that it needed.
Lastly, I applied Seche Vite, my current number one top coat.

I was content with the result. What do you think? :)


  1. This is so pretty, you did a lovely job with the stickers! Love the glittery tips also!


  2. I love the colour combination of silver and purple, two of my favourite colours!

    1. Mine too! Anything with purple, really, lol. :)