Friday, 22 February 2013

NOTD- Wet Paint

I bought some nail art polishes from Ebay such a long time ago, and hardly ever use them. They were just some cheapies, but I thought they'd be fun, and great for practising. I had already decided I was going to use a purple base colour and just wanted to add a splash of colour. I opened my top nail polish drawer that contain the nail art polishes. After some deliberation, I just couldn't go past the red, definitely a splash of colour..a very noticeable splash of colour, lol.

After applying Orly Bonder base coat, I went ahead and applied Borghese Rapido nail polish. It is only labelled as a numbered shade. I'd never heard of this brand of nail polish before, but I came across it in one of my favourite ways of a bargain bin :) The colour just stood out, and I had to have it. My nails required 3 coats to get a nice opaque colour that wasn't streaky. It is quite a thin formula, but it does dry quickly, so applying 3 coats isn't that much of a drama.
My next step was applying the red nail polish. I did this by using small strokes going down the tips of my nails. The polishes have quite a thin brush, and I liked the effect it gave..UNTIL all the bristles fell out midway through application!! I wasn't impressed, but didn't want to start again, so I used the end of the plastic wand, looked ok, but not exactly what I was after, lol.
For some time, I've felt the need to give my nails a sparkle hit, so next came a coat of Satin glitter, only over the purple polish. I like the different sized glitter that this nail polish offers. 
A coat of Seche Vite Top Coat and I was done! :)

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