Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fun Halloween Nails

Happy Halloween, or should I say BOO! Now, I know I'm Australian and Halloween is an American tradition, but I love the fun of Halloween. I don't celebrate the origins, I just get caught up with the "Trick or Treating" with the kids and it's a good excuse to create some fun looks. And this is where I tell you about my Halloween nails.

To create the look on my nails, I used Maybelline Porcelain Party, China Glaze Black Mesh Crackle, Femme Fatale's Sinister Calling and Shadowsong, which is brought to life over black, becoming a gorgeous purple colour. I have not used a shatter polish for so long! To be honest, I had become quite over it, however, I really like the way it turned out for this look.

To give my nails more of a Halloween feel, I added some stickers. Maybe I should include a game called "What are the stickers?" Lol, they got lost on the mani! On the index finger, the stickers are visible, that red thing is actually a spider, there's a bat on the thumb and spider web on the ring finger, which decided to start peeling off already! I seem to have no luck with stickers staying put. I should stick to decals.
I hope you like my mani, I rediscovered the shatter polish, and am so glad that I did!


  1. Ohhhhh so pretty!!! I love the pointer finger with the gold glitter and purple polish :)
    You've made me want to get my old shatter polishes back out for a play. Honestly I'd forgotten about them! I think I own a purple and pink shatter.....yeah I do :)
    Nice mani hun xx

    1. Thanks Gemma. It's certainly worth playing with the shatters again, they'd been sitting untouched for so long :)