Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Time To Take Action..Spending Ban :(

My favourite word "spending" is soon my most hated phrase when followed with the word "ban". Ugh! But, I constantly have to put myself on a ban, especially on buying make up. I have so much that I now store products, especially eye shadows, in an overflowing box, because it no longer fits in any of my storage drawers. 
Unfortunately, my problem is not just the products, it's the excitement of first ordering online, then receiving goodies in the mail..I am ashamedly addicted to online shopping. I realised that it was a problem when I'd get a parcel, rip it open, look at the products briefly, then they'd get put away. So, I put myself on spending ban after spending ban. I normally can't seem to last longer than a few weeks. 
My most recent ban has actually been my best effort, I had been doing quite well for about 3 months, HAD being the operative word..today I couldn't resist some eye shadow palettes. Eye shadows! The one thing I'd told myself that I definitely didn't need and would not be purchasing until I started making a noticeable dent in my stash, eeek! Now, having buyer's remorse, I've decided that the only way I can make myself accountable is by announcing my ban on my blog.
I do have some rules to abide by..why do us spending-ban-participants relish in rules?? ANYway, my ban at this stage is for make up, foundation and mascara ARE allowed ONLY when needed. I can only allow purchases with money gifted to me for Christmas and Birthday, plus my subscription Mirenesse Glamm box is an exception.
When can I buy more eye shadow, lipstick/gloss and blush?? When there is room to allow it in the dedicated storage drawers..No more of this cardboard box bursting at the seams! Honestly, I have so many palettes that have only been used for swatching, I haven't even applied the product to my lids!
Thankfully, make up is my only obsession, I don't seem to have that much of a problem with skincare, mind you, I don't need any more for a while, but it honestly doesn't bother me to wait until I need certain products.
My nail polish collection is something I need to stop adding to, so no more until I start using up bottles, which I'm sure is near impossible, as I am yet to accomplish that!
So there you have it, I am an online shopaholic, I've admitted my problem, so now it is time to take action, or no action as the case would be for my Spending Ban. 
GOD, give me strength.......... 


  1. Ah, the old spending ban. I try and fail at least 3 times a year. Hopefully you will do better than me!

    1. Well, I hope I succeed this time, but I don't like my chances, Dee, lol!