Tuesday, 19 November 2013

EOTD Featuring Evil Shades Panic

I like a pinky coral, in fact it's one of my favourite colours. A perfect eye shadow to represent this colour is Panic from indie seller, Evil Shades.

In conjunction with Panic eye shadow, I used  a neutral colour as a base and dark brown in the crease.
Physicians Formula liner...meh, it's ok
Majolica Majorca lash duo, if you've read past EOTD posts, you'd know how much I love this duo!
So, not many products at all, actually, lol.

I love the warmth of this colour. I also find it quite a flattering shade :)


  1. Oh my scent, what a fabulous coral, wonderfully clear photos. and the eye look you've created is stunning - that middle pic is just so beautiful. Well done darling, and this Panic pigment is on my list - love the cute little flip-top pot :-)

    1. Oh, you would have fun with Evil Shades Cosmetics shadows, hun! xx

  2. Oh wow. What a gorgeous shade of shadow IndieAna :-)
    It suits your skin tone so well too. Now I wanna wear a pink shadow lol
    I agree with kat and love your photos. I have so much trouble capturing a shade of shadow but you've done so well xx

    1. It is such a gorgeous shade! Thanks hun xx