Wednesday, 13 November 2013

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Natio Glow Skin Brightening Face Balm

I can't believe that before using the Natio Glow Skin Brightening Face Balm, I had not used this brand before. I know, right! I don't live under a rock, but with so many brands to choose from, for some reason I just had not gotten around to Natio. I only come to using this product through a program started on beauty website, Beauty Heaven called the Travelling Box, sort of like a Trash n Treasure, where you take out what you want, then replace with what you don't. To be honest, the main reason why I even kept this product was to lighten the box for postage!

This balm has been formulated to boost skin vitality and helps even out skin tone. Natural radiance and skin clarity is restored, while ingredients soothe the skin. 
This product can be used as a moisturiser, hydrating mask and even a primer. Talk about a multi-purpose product!
I like the simple packaging. Flip open the lid, and squeeze the tube to extract what is needed.
As the name suggests, this has quite a rich consistency. I initially was concerned that being a balm, it could break out my combination skin. A began with a small amount, which warmed up quickly, allowing the balm to melt and absorb into my skin. I was expecting it to be somewhat greasy, but it wasn't. I was left with soft, hydrated skin with no sticky residue. I was so happy with the inner glow that I was able to achieve by using this balm every morning. 
The weather is only just starting to warm up, so I'm not sure if this product would become a little greasy on my skin, but it is perfect for my skin during cooler months/
Would I repurchase? Definitely! Natio Glow Skin Brightening Face Balm is such a beautiful product. Not only is it lovely to use, doesn't break me out, whilst hydrating my skin effectively, it is a very affordable product. Using this moisturiser has made me want to add more Natio products to my skincare collection!

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