Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Empties

Another month, another empties post, and have I got a lot of empties! Are you in the mood for some reading? If so, grab yourself a cuppa, you might need it ;)

Cutex nail polish remover- Being an avid nail polish wearer, remover is a must. On the other hand, the brand is not that important to me. Remove my polish, and I'm happy :)
Repurchase? Most likely. I generally buy whatever is cheapest.

TN Dickinson's Witch Hazel- A friend of mine who suffers rosacea recommended this toner to me. I figured if she could use it on her sensitive skin, I needed to try it for myself. 
Repurchase? That's a hard one. Yes, I was happy using this toner, but at the moment I am using another product that I love. So, I wouldn't rule it out, but I'm not in a hurry to replace it.

Skin B5 Skin Purifying Mask- This is a wonderful clay mask. Easy to apply, easy to wash off and no drying, scared-to-move-or-I'll-crack feeling. It cleanses the pores, whilst nourishing the skin.
Repurchase? No, because now hydration is more of a priority for me now. But, if your main concern is congested skin, please try this mask!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation- For a blind buy, this foundation turned out to be the perfect colour for my winter skintone. I really liked the dewy finish I got with this medium coverage foundation. It applied and blended easily. You can see a couple of looks using this foundation here.
Repurchase? For starters, this is the old formula. Great foundation, so I'd be willing to try the new formula, but there's foundations I have that I still need to use, and plenty I want to try, so for now, no.

Katy Perry "Killer Queen, Oh So Sheer" perfume sample- I am such a sucker for celebrity perfumes!
Repurchase? No, it's nice, but I much prefer the original.

Mon Ennui Mineral Eye Shadow "Secret Garden" sample-This brand specializes in gorgeous duo chrome eye shadows, something I love! "Secret Garden" is a mint green with a pink shift. Recently I posted an FOTD using this shade on my lids here.
Repurchase? Unfortunately this shadow is no longer available.

Possets "The Girls Love Leather" perfume sample- Sweet leather this perfume certainly is. 
Repurchase? Not for me.

Lapurete Okuru Mild Creme Facial Cleanser and Toner- This cleanser was so luxe to use, gently cleansing my skin. 
Repurchase? I have enough  cleansers for the time being, but I wouldn't be opposed to using this again in future.

Eternal Beauty Vitamin C Treatment Cream- I bought this cream when I was in the search to add vitamin C into my skincare routine. Normally I would use a serum, but with the higher concentration of vitamin C in this cream, I was willing to at least give it a go.From the first use, I noticed an improved hydration to my skin. The cream is rather thick, having a shea butter base, so the jar lasted a long time. I found that warming the product in my hands, then patting onto my skin was the application method that best worked for me, as it sometimes "balled up" if massaged in.
Repurchase? I thought I'd always buy, but I have another vitamin C product that came in a skincare pack that I bought online. This is a fantastic product, so if you're after a quality cream with a high 30% vitamin C, try this cream!

Jean Paul Gaultier "Classique X" perfume sample- Another buy from My Perfume Samples, I so love this online store!
Repurchase? No, the scent was too "green" for me.

Arestaline8- Great product! My skin loves this light weight cream. It's not as dull after using the Ciensia8 range, this being a hero product of the brand.
Repurchase? I would love to repurchase again and again, but I think it's sadly going to be too expensive to maintain such a high price every month. Yes, a jar only lasts a month.

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Shampoo- I was lucky enough to trial the Ultime shampoo and conditioner, thanks to Beauty Heaven. This shampoo was a great product for my highlighted hair. Cleaning my hair, without stripping it.
Repurchase? Most likely.

MUA 3-in-1 Contour Pen- I actually didn't finish this liner. I got through almost half of it, but I was only trying to finish it. It smudged way too easily. The only redeeming feature for me was that it is retractable.
Repurchase? Not surprisingly, nope.

Spa Africa Under Eye Seaweed Serum- I bought this eye product from the online bargain website, Ozsale. Sounded decent, on special, that was enough for me. 
Repurchase? No. I didn't notice a change in my under eye area. I didn't feel that it hydrated enough. Plus, even after it dried, it seemed to leave a thin layer that balled up when I applied a moisturiser after.

Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm- I must have a lip balm in reach at all times.  I have dry lips and they always need help. Carmex is a brand that I'd heard good things about, and finally got around to trying their lip balm. I chose the peach version. A subtle hint of colour, and smells divine.
Repurchase? Yes! This lip balm is a beautiful product to use!

You better believe that it felt rewarding throwing so many empties out! Yep, I'm weird. Then again, I'm sure you might just feel the same way, too, am I right? ;)


  1. Nice big pile of empties! I feel exactly the same way when I finish up products too!

    1. LOL, I'm happy to know that maybe I'm not so weird afterall? :D

  2. As I was reading I just had so many comments to add haha, I use the Dickinson's Toner and quite like it though I never noticed it improving my skin, is your favourite toner the Dr LeWinn's Refining one? Also, how do you prepare the Chamomile tea face spritzer? (yup, went to your skincare routine) What benefits have you noticed from it? It sounds lovely!

    I was considering buying that SkinB5 purifying mask from beautorium but if I buy that with the Indeed Labs Powdered Exfoliant, I'd have no points left haha but I keep thinking YOLO I need to get it. I do think it'll help me so if it's not all snapped up, I'll add it to cart :)

    My favourite foundation is the Bourjois Healthy Mix! Good job with the colour match, I love it when blind buys suit you. I have so much trouble colour-matching myself that my current Healthy Mix is a shade too dark - and I went in store too. Aiyah! I am mixing it with something at the moment which I'm loving so I'll talk about it soon in a post.

    Well done with these empties, I'd be soooo satisfied if I got rid of all that empty packaging too ;) I don't feel I could do an empties post because I literally throw all empty products out the second I'm done with them!

    Jacqueline / Colour That Canvas

    1. Ok so linking my blog in comments isn't working out too well for me. I shall keep Googling how to do that! Sorry!!

    2. LOL, hun, I wouldn't know how to link my blog link!
      Anyway, with the chamomile toner, all I did was brew a strong cup, then pour it into a small spray bottle. Gosh, that was so long ago, lol! If you do it, be sure to put it into the fridge, mine started growing mold, which put me off, eeek.
      The Dr LeWinns toner isn't the one I'm using now, although I liked it, I am now using a product from the Ciensia8 range called Preparation8, which gently exfoliates the skin. I'll be looking forward to your future post about your foundation xx

  3. Well done with your empties! Feels so satisfying doesn't it?! I just posted up mine onto my blog too. Clean slate for the new month and loads I'd like to finish up before the year ends! I'm on a mission! :D

    1. Thanks hun, throwing the empties feels SO good, especially after hanging onto the "rubbish" lol. I read your post, you did quite well yourself to use up so many products. Good luck continuing your mission! lol xx

  4. Woah awesome job this month!! I prefer the original Katy perry scent too, definitely one of my favourite perfumes :)

    1. Thanks lovely. Killer Queen is just gorgeous, isn't it xx