Friday, 14 November 2014


FCUK For Her (which reads so wrong, doesn't? lol) is described as "sandalwood, jasmine and Barringtonia flower from Madagascar with its intense sensual scent. The new, modern harmony of aquatic iris and citrus is in the top. The heart is sensual, sexy and provocative thanks to the rich intense bouquet Barringtonia, peony, violet and jasmine. The base is warm and inviting sandalwood, cedar, amber and vanilla."

A complex list of notes, but it is certainly not a complex fragrance.

At first spray, I wasn't impressed. For want of a better word, the perfume smelled cheap and almost nasty. 

BUT, with wear (not too long) this softens to become the sweet, warm, oriental floral I was hoping for. It's not overly intense, in fact it is rather light, only enveloping the wearer, not the whole room. 

FCUK is a simple fragrance that will suit any occasion.

The oblong shaped, glass and metal bottle is supposed to represent a modern fragrance, but I loathe the bottle. It's unattractive and cumbersome. 

I guess it's not about the bottle...oh, who am I kidding, it's easy to be enamoured by a beautiful perfume bottle, isn't it? :)


  1. Hmmm I can see what you mean about the bottle.. it's not great. But nice to hear it turned lovely in the end! xx

    1. Yes, thankfully, it turned out to be a fragrance I could enjoy xx