Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Nail Polish Declutter Update #3

I'm still going "strong" with trying on my nail polishes. Going strong, as in making sure to wear 3 polishes a week. I really don't know how people change nail polishes every day. Apart from not being bothered, I worry about the nail polish remover on my nails and skin as it is.


Shade 66


No label

Designer De Better


Tasseled Taupe

Give 3 cheers for Models Inc, finally a shade that made the cut and didn't actually get the cut! Opalescent is indeed sheer, but has a gorgeous purple iridescent shift, very pretty but of course I couldn't capture it with my camera. I am also not doing a great declutter effort this month because I am only decluttering Revlon nail polish in Carbonite and keeping the rest. 

Current tally of nail polishes is 22


  1. Even changing it three times a week seems a lot to me, but I rarely wear nail polish haha. I should do something like this and see which polishes I can get rid of! Opalescent would look pretty over another polish, too I bet x

    1. I'm sure I'll get sick of it, Katie, lol. Although, I do find that applying different shades each time certainly helps xx

  2. I agree with Katie, changing it 3 times a week seems like a lot. Then again, I'm not wearing any polish atm because the heat & humidity cause it to go funny during application. (I have no air con sadly, so can't keep the polishes cool enough.) I did go on a polish swatching spree weeks ago in order to get rid of a lot of non cruelty-free polishes, although I did keep my absolute faves until I can find dupes.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. I don't know how you survive summer without aircon. Although, my last house didn't have aircon, either, I hated it! No wonder you're not applying nail polish.