Friday, 19 January 2018

Shop My Stash Palette Edition - Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette

There will be no panning of a palette this year. My aim instead is to explore more of my palettes. I was tossing up eye shadow palette series ideas and finally decided on Shop My Stash, where I choose a palette and use it for around 2 weeks. I was going to do a one month two palettes, but I figured it would be easier to just showcase one palette at a time.

As you've probably figured out I have been playing with the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette. I have been wanting to try this palette for months now and I felt so much joy getting to use it. Yes, my life is super exciting! Lol.

Just look at all of those shades! This palette just speaks to me with all of those warm colours, some cool and gorgeous pops of colour. The only shade missing is a matte bone shade, which could have been added instead of 2 similar shimmery ones, but I'm really happy with this palette. The mattes are nice and easy to use, the shimmery shades are gorgeous. The only issue I noticed is sometimes blending the mattes together resulted in a muddy look. In saying that, I was able to create some fun looks with this palette.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Well, the wait was worth it! I adore this palette


  1. There's so much variety in this palette! My best friend loves it x

    1. I love that I can complete an eye look with this palette, the pops of colour are gorgeous, too xx