Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Come Play With Me- Mad About Mattes

I love playing with makeup, something I enjoy seeing just as much, is other's makeup looks. I would really enjoy to share this experience with fellow like-minded bloggers. So, ladies I would be so happy for you to join with me in a little fun and interaction that I call "Come Play With Me".
So, if you would like to participate, here's some simple guidelines (if you're anything like me, you need guidelines, or else forget it! lol)

For starters, there needs to be a theme.
All that want to participate leave a comment with a link to their version, all links will then be included in "Come Play With Me" posts.
To keep the challenge moving, 2 weeks to submit looks would be ideal. The one to name the theme will pass the baton on to one of the participants, letting them know in their blog post comments section. This person offered the chance to choose a theme could kindly blog their theme in a short period of time.
If there hasn't been a theme chosen in around 2 weeks, I'll post the new theme.
Said theme can be interpreted any way you like, using nail look, eyes, full face, your choice.
Leave a any questions in the comments section, as I'm not sure how well I have worded the conditions, lol.

Ok, my chosen theme is "Mad About Mattes". Using mattes is not something I do often, so creating this theme gave me the opportunity to use some products that I wouldn't ordinarily apply.

I used some matte shadows from my 88 Warm palette
BH Cosmetics Liquid Eye Liner
L/Oreal Volume Million Lashes

Initially, I was just going to do an EOTD, but thought "What the heck, I'll do a matte lip, too!" So on my lips went Rimmel's  Lasting Finish By Kate in shade 107, a nice rich matte red.

So, will you join me? :)

Check out:
Kat at kats colourings sizzling look.
The Beauty In Life's Hailey with a flawless matte FOTD.
Gemma at Lady Sapphire Blog has been busy with a full face AND nails, and WOW she's done an amazing job.


  1. Well now Indie, I can think of no greater pleasure than to come play with you doll! So count me in :-) Let's see if I have this I create a blogpost using the current theme (something matte, oooh yeah I reckon I can come up with something reasonably quickly), then I post the link to my Mad About Mattes article here, and then you choose the next theme, and nominate someone from the group of participants to create a blog post using that theme - is that right?

    1. Yippee! I am thrilled that you'll join in, Kat! Ok, I'm glad that you were able to decipher what I had written. I was hoping to choose someone to name the next theme once the 2 weeks was up. I can't wait to see what you create, hun xx

    2. Hey Indie - here you go! Bet you weren't expecting something so soon, but I just happened to have a matte EOTD stashed away that I hadn't gotten around to posting yet :-)

      So here it is hon!

      Hope I got the idea right lol...

    3. You clever lady! What better time to use that fabulous matte look! :)

  2. I'm playing along!

    1. Ooh, yay Hailey! I'm going to check out your version, which I have no doubt is great! :)

  3. Looking gorgeous as always sweety! I am loving that lippy. You inspired me to get out my Kate Moss lippy too. Hehe :)
    I'm joining in the fun also and I've just published my look-

    I had a ball playing with all my mattes....wish I had more :D

    1. Thank you hun, I'm so happy that you are joining in on the fun. I am heading to your blog because I MUST see what you've posted xx