Wednesday, 5 February 2014


It seems like some time since I've posted a FOTD. To be honest, I haven't really been inspired by any of my makeup looks to showcase one on my blog. Lately, I have been quite simplistic with my looks, and when I used some vibrant colour onto my lids, I thought it would be great to share with you.

Primer- Skin 79 BB cream
Foundation- Ja-De Advance Wear Foundation
Finishing Powder- The All Natural Face Apricot Kisses Glow
Blush- L'Oreal blush that appears to have it's label rubbed off. Now that I have hit pan on this blush, I feel compelled to keep using it. I'm glad that I like it! lol

Inner lid- The highlight shade from the 6 pan palette
Lid- Some Evil Shades Panic, over the burgundy shade from the 6 pan palette. I have created a couple of looks using Panic, you can see here that it is not quite as intense on its own. Crease colour is a dark brown with green shift. I blended out the crease with a neutral shade from the 88 Warm palette. The highlight shade was also used to highlight my brow bone.
Mascara- L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extreme Black.

Liner- Mirenesse Auto Lip Liner Duet, using the shade Rose
Lipstick- NYX in Strawberry Milk
Gloss- Bourjois clear lip gloss

Oh vibrant colour, I have missed you! :)

Do you often get stuck in a makeup rut, too, or switch it up often?


  1. You're a babe IndieAna!!! :D
    Seriously love your FOTD and you look really beautiful. The colours all suit you perfectly and it's very summery.
    A lot of the products you've used to create your look I've never heard of before so this was a really nice insight for some new brands for me :)
    Lookin good! xx

    1. Oh, thank you, sweetie! That's what I love about reading blogs, too, is that you get to read about products that you've never heard of, or never used before. Can be so enabling, tho, lol

  2. Now this is more like it Indie - this gorgeous and vibrant corally pink is just SO you hon :-) I tell you what, this is the face of summer - you look tanned and relaxed and flawlessly beautiful, and those pinks are fabulous. Love that first pic of both eyes that shows off your blending and the shimmery light pink on the inner corners - just pops your eyes right out into stunningville!

    1. You're too kind, Kat! Thank you so much for your complimentary feedback, hun, it means a lot xx

  3. The eye make up is so pretty and love the highlight shade on the inner lid.
    I love the lipstick too! I'm always drawn to light pink shades in lip products, but find it hard to find ones that look good with my skin tone.

    1. Thank you, Sam. It can be so disappointing when you love a colour, but it just doesn't suit! Thankfully there's generally a shade of the colour that will work :)

    2. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)

  4. Oh wow Indie.......your colours are practically jumping out of the page. It's a real happy colour and looks divine. Certainly makes your eyes smile in the photo. I am in awe at what you create on your eyes.
    I don't get to wear alot of eyeshadows but when I do, I keep in mind all the tips and advices of products you give.

    1. Gosh, Mandy, that is lovely of you to say! I love blogging about all things beauty, but to think that I can offer something to others, that means the world to me xx