Sunday, 5 April 2015

Ciencia8 Preparation8

Toner is a skincare product that is part of my morning and evening routine. I use it to remove any remaining residue on my skin. To be honest, I'm not generally excited by toners. Do the job without stripping my skin, and I'm content.

Prep8 is quite unique to me. It's not just a toner, it is also a gentle exfoliator. The ingredient Papain, an enzyme from the papaya fruit, has been added to the formulation to chemically exfoliate skin, sounds scary, but I prefer not to use physical exfoliators that can damage the skin. Peelmoist has also been added to deliver the enzyme through the surface of the skin.

The product comes in a 50 ml bottle.

The lid once removed, reveals the pump-top.

The consistency of this product is not quite as thin as a fluid.

To apply, I just pump once into the palm of my hand, then apply directly to face and neck. No cotton pads needed, like I do with a regular toner.

Prep8 absorbs very quickly, the skin is completely dry in no time.

I love that it not only works as a toner, but I no longer need an exfoliator. I also don't need to set a time or day to exfoliate my skin.

I've noticed that by using this product, following skincare products seem to absorb quicker, as Prep8 helps to deliver creams/serums deeper than just the surface of the skin.

Another happy customer of this Ciencia8 product, if only it was a more budget friendly price!

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