Wednesday, 8 April 2015

House of Beauty Lip Hybrids

Since becoming so active on Instagram, I have discovered even more indie makeup brands. As you would know, I absolutely adore eye shadows, but surprisingly, I was drawn to an online store selling only lip products. Actually known as lip hybrids, these were different to any lip product I had used in the past.

Owner, Lyn explains best on her website "It's not as liquified as a gloss, but not completely solid to be a lipstick. It is a beautiful creamy mixture, which makes a high quality lip hybrid that is also buildable, and usually has a staying power between 4-8 hours. 

It is highly pigmented that a little dab goes a long, long way for full coverage. We also offer unique colours to fit all of your different personalities.

All creamy glosses are hand-made with love, 100% natural and are exclusive fully pigmented lip colours that come in a 5 ml jar."

Now when I purchased, the brand was called Premium Vanity. The product quality is the same, there's just been a change of name to House of Beauty..I do like this name!

The lip hybrids come in small plastic jars.

I bought 10 shades, and even at that number, it was really difficult to narrow down what I wanted.

I guess the closest thing I can compare the consistency to, is more of a lip cream, like an OCC lip tar, as well as pigmentation.

Autumn and Miami

 Paradise and Taupe.

 24K and Earthlink.

 Lotus and Ravishing.

In Love and Charmed.

It does take me some time to apply these lip products. Though, I'm not the best at applying lip products, especially when they need to be applied with a lip brush. Even taking the time I do doesn't equal a neat application, I need more practice. BUT, once applied they wear beautifully. Not heavy, but moisturizing. I get around 4 hours of wear, including meals and drinks, pretty impressive. I also find that it wears off fairly evenly. I just apply a coat of lip balm, and this totally evens out my lips.

Stay tuned because lip swatches will be on my next blog post! :)


  1. I love reading your blog posts! I always end up learning about new products I've never experienced or let alone heard about before! Love it! You do a great job in educating me indie beauty wise!

    1. Ingrid it means so much to me that you would find my blog posts helpful. Thank you so much, you really made my day! xx

  2. amazing products and so pretty colours :)

  3. amazing products and so pretty colours :)

    1. The colours on offer are certainly amazing xx