Sunday, 2 August 2015

July Empties

I felt pretty good about the amount of products I finished in July.

A little bit of everything, really. Makeup, skincare, perfume and nail related.

Select nail polish remover- I go through nail polish remover fairly quickly, so will buy a back up during a food shop. Because most of my grocery shopping is at Woolworths, I mostly use the Select brand.
Repurchase? Yes, it is convenient to buy.

Skinn Hylighten Dark Circle and Puffiness Treatment- I had high expectations for this roll on serum for the under eye area. I have terrible dark circles and experience puffiness also.
Repurchase? This serum was easy to add to my skincare routine because it absorbed so quickly. However, I didn't experience the results I desired, so I won't be repurchasing.

Beyonce "Pulse"- A nice perfume. I hated the bottle, the base was small, so I was always knocking it over.
Repurchase? The perfume did not wow me enough to warrant a replacement.

Lacura Mineral Clay Mask- I think a clay mask is great to deep clean skin, and a good version will help remove congestion that builds up in the pores, it is especially a loved product for combination/oily skin types.
Repurchase? For a budget product the Lacura clay mask is a decent product. I have 2 more, so won't be needing another just yet. Plus, it's not available at the moment, it's one of the various weekly releases that Aldi introduces.

Ciencia8 Prep8- This is a serum that actually replaces a toner. It works to gently exfoliate the skin. Prep8 is designed for everyday use.
Repurchase? I would love to, but it's just too expensive.

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser- I had previously used this spray moisturiser in the cocoa version. These sprays are just so easy and convenient to use. They absorb quickly, but with sufficient hydration.
Repurchase? I have another body moisturiser on the go, but I would definitely purchase the cocoa one because it smelled so nice. I didn't personally find a difference in the level of hydration received between the 2 versions.

Mirenesse Skin Clone Foundation- This pressed mineral foundation offers light to medium coverage. It is finely milled, so there's no cakiness. I think it would be better for the warmer months, because it does seem slightly drying during winter.

Wearing the foundation without primer or concealer.

Repurchase? Although I used to be a powder foundation girl, I now prefer using cream/liquid foundations, so I don't think I will be buying a full size.

RawSkinCeuticals RegenC Serum- I like to use a serum before moisturiser in my skincare routine. My AM serum will generally include vitamin C. The RegenC serum was lovely to use and beautifully moisturising. You can imagine how upset I was when I clumsily knocked it over and spilled most of it.
Repurchase? Once I have used the serums that I currently have, I would definitely consider buying the RegenC serum again.

Lacura Naturals Macadamia and Shea Butter lip balm- This Lacura lip balm contains spf, which I think is important for lips, but in the past had never considered looking for lip balm with sunscreen.
Repurchase? A decent lip balm, I think it makes for a good handbag essential. I am on my last lip balm from the pack of 3. I would consider buying again.

Ciencia8 Cleanse8 Gel- A cleanser is something I class as a staple, but I just thought cleansers were created equal. I now know that it is not the case. The Ciencia8 cleansers provide hydration to the skin, whilst cleansing, but also has ingredients that provide a delivery system to ensure that the following products used penetrate deep into the skin, rather than sitting on the surface.
Repurchase? Fantastic cleanser that I would recommend if you can fit it into your budget. For me it's too pricey to continue buying.

MAC Mineralize Concealer- I was lucky enough to win this concealer, thankfully it was also in my shade. I used it to cover my dark circles, which it did a pretty good job of.
Repurchase? I don't really like to pay huge prices for makeup, so I don't think I'll repurchase. Great product, but there's so many affordable options to try.

Judith Leiber "Night"- My daughter actually gave me this perfume sample because she wasn't  a fan. I on the other hand, adored it. An empty that I was actually sad to see finished.
Repurchase? At the moment I'm trying to finish some perfumes before buying more, but this is definitely on my wish list!

Did you finish many products in July?

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  1. Lookin perdy! I'm always impresses by empties posts!! Agree about hylighten, it did nothing for my racoon eyes either 😯

    1. Thank you! Yep, I would love to find a product that worked wonders on my undereye area, Hylighten just didn't cut it!

  2. What a great mixed bag of empties! It's so sad when you finish something you love like your Ciencia8 products and "Night" perfume sample :(

    1. Normally I love finishing a product, but there are the occasional ones that I really wish would last forever, lol

  3. I haven't tried a lot of Lacura products. I might have to change that!

    1. The products are worth trying. At least if they aren't something you like, you're not spending too much money :)

  4. Great mix of empties!
    I remember seeing Rawceuticals on your blog before and being interested!

    1. I have a few product from the brand, and seriously love everything that I have tried :)

  5. Great job on your empties. I'm seeing a lot of that Aldi in-house brand around on beauty blogs... I'm thinking I'll have to keep an eye out for when they do that clay mask again, it sounds pretty nice! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

    1. I love when Aldi release their random products, especially when they are beauty related. Well, until I find something I love and can't buy more xx

  6. I rotate through my concealers and have that MAC one also which I absolutely love, however I agree the price is way high considering so many other affordable options. I use that Select nail polish remover too! :D Great job! xo

    1. Thanks Candy! The MAC concealer is really good, but I have my eye on some others that I want to try and hopefully will find one just as good or better even xx