Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lipstick Love- Australis Velourlips "Bar-tha-lona"

Do you know just how long I've wanted to try Australis Velourlips?? It had been on my wishlist for so long, but I was on a low-buy that sadly included lip products. Well, that's over, shouldn't be, but it is, and I finally have some Velourlips!! I purchased one, but "Bar-tha-lona" was a shade that I was lucky enough to win, thanks to beauty blogger Christina of Lovethatlippie.

The Velourlips is a cream formula.

Seriously, that vibrant colour!! As you can see from the lip swatches, it does dry to a matte finish. Matte lips generally mean longer lasting lip colour, but also dryness. However, I don't find this liquid lipstick too uncomfortable.

As with any long wearing lipstick, I would suggest exfoliating your lips before hand, just to create a smoother surface. Especially if you have dry lips like I do. I can imagine that this liquid lipstick would not look pretty on chapped lips!

I did find the shade remained sticky for some time, but eventually it dried to a no-transfer lip product. Bar-tha-lona lasted the day, without need for any touch ups. 

Love the shade, love the finish, adore the lipstick!


  1. Wowsers!!!!! You gorgeous thing!!!!

  2. Love Velourlips! Haven't got Barthelona but have admired it from afar!

    1. I definitely would like to buy more! xx