Thursday, 17 December 2015

Freedom Makeup "Audacious Mattes" Palette

You've heard of Makeup Revolution, right? Well, Freedom Makeup is a sister brand, providing pro products. I've been impressed with the Makeup Revolution products that I've used, so wanted to see how Freedom Makeup compared.

To be honest, I haven't been in a hurry to get to this matte palette. Don't get me wrong, I love using mattes to contour my lids, but am not normally one to create looks using only matte eye shadows.

A little NARS-esque?

Being a palette containing completely matte eye shadows, it was really hard to capture the shades swatching with my finger on bare skin.

The shadows are really soft. When dipping my brush into the pan, I found that I have to be careful to just dab with some of the shades, because being too heavy handed causes a lot of shadow "kick-up"

The upside of this is that they apply beautifully and blend like a dream. A little goes a long way, yet it's difficult to overdo it. The product can be buffed out, without leaving a muddy finish.

Here's some looks I came up with.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Although mattes I usually save for my crease area, I actually liked how these looks turned out. Neutral, but that's not to say that I found them boring. I'll definitely go back to my shimmery eye shadows for my lids, but I'm sure that this palette will also get plenty of use in future.

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