Sunday, 6 December 2015

Skinn Sulfate Free Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

I've been taking advantage of the Skinn value packs offered on TVSN. I generally buy a couple each Skinn special event, depending on the best value. One of these was a cleanser duo. Today I will be reviewing the one for morning use.

Taken from Skinn- "This refreshing morning treat will give you the boost you need to start your day! Gently exfoliate and rinse away impurities with this lightweight yet lavish facial cleanser. Formulated with mild Alpha-Hydroxy Acids cushioned with soothing antioxidants and botanical oils, this purifying step of your daily routine leaves skin feeling perfectly clean and hydrated with a brilliant and luminous glow"

I purchased the large salon size bottle.

Pump-top dispenser.

Thick gel-like consistency.

I'm so glad that the bottle has a pump, otherwise the bottle would be too cumbersome for my liking, especially in the shower.

The smell of the cleanser is lovely. It's similar to eucalyptus or tea tree oil. Very refreshing, a perfect invigorating scent for morning use.

I find that a couple of pumps is sufficient product for face and neck. I massage onto damp skin. It quickly becomes a rich lather. 

Because there are no nasty ingredients, I like to leave it on my skin for a minute or so, just to let those exfoliating properties have a chance to do their work on my skin.

Removal is easy. I either wash off in the shower, or remove with a wash cloth. 

I love that cooling feeling left on my skin, it really adds to the cleansing process. 

My skin looks radiant after use. So clean and soft.