Friday, 14 July 2017

Makeup Look Wearing Project Pan 2017 Products #1

I have been showing you progress of my Project Pan and Pan That Palette and it occurred to me that I should show you a makeup look using the products.

Models Prefer Infinite Colour Foundation- I bought this months ago, it was 50% off, so figured why not. It's too light on my skin. I find it can get a little streaky when applying with a brush but does apply well with a sponge. It's a nice medium coverage foundation, not bad, but doesn't wow me.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold- I love these cream shadows, especially when using as a base for powder eye shadows. The gold colour has been working well with the olive and brown tones I have been using on my lid.

LA Girl Endless Liner in Black- I love that this liner is retractable and is nice and black. What I don't like is it seems to be a drier formula, so it takes some work to apply. I'll be glad when I'm finished this liner.

Smashbox Lip Liner in Smashing Define- I have enjoyed using this neutral toned lip liner. It has the perfect consistency to be easy to apply yet lasts really well.

NYX Lip Gloss in Mauve- This is a pink-toned nude that sheers out nicely. For this makeup look I applied on top of the lip liner which I had used all over my lips.

Of course I used my 88 Warm Palette. I am glad that for a palette of this size, I have enjoyed using most of the eye shadow shades. I also used one eye shadow for blush and another for highlighting
The other products that I used are-

DB Cosmetics BB Cream to darken the Models Prefer foundation
YBF Neutralizing Creme to colour correct
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
YBF Neutralizing Powder
YBF Universal Eye Brow Pencil
Skinn Invisible Lip Liner
Pur Volume Vixen Mascara

This has been my go-to look lately which has really been making an impact on my panning progress.

Have a great weekend! xx


  1. I love the maybelline colour tattoos, the shades are so versatile and lovely x

    Velvet Blush

    1. I agree, Maybelline Color Tattoos are great xx

  2. I haven't tried anything from LA girl so I enjoyed hearing what you had to say about the liner. I can never tell what's good from their line or not. I'm such a big fan of the color tattoos as well! xx Brynn

    1. The LA Girl products are so cheap. but this black liner I'm not a fan of xx

  3. I need to start emptying out my makeup so a project pan is in order, and it'll force me to not buy as much