Monday, 11 September 2017

Opa! By Skinn Cosmetics

Opa! Is a perfume that Dimitri from Skinn Cosmetics created. After hearing about it on the demo aired on TVSN I really wanted it, but just couldn't justify adding another perfume to my already too large collection.

Well, I was ecstatic upon receiving a PR package from TVSN which included Opa! Had they read my mind????

Taken fron Skinn Cosmetics- "Opa! A Greek word complicated in its meaning, yet simplistic in its sentiment, evokes feelings of celebration and togetherness. Soft citrus top notes drive the fragrance, subtly balanced with floral notes of peony, lily-of-the-valley, and a hint of woody vanilla. Skinn's signature scent is designed for the confident, sexy woman who exudes warmth and rejoices in her femininity."

Opa! comes in a rectangular shaped flacon with bevilled edging. Simple in design, yet classy.

Opa! begins with a lovely zesty citrus and sweet, juicy pear, such a gorgeous combo, with the pear softening the citrus, which can sometimes be an overpowering note. The floral aspect adds a creamy velvety quality rather than a bouquet. 
After wear, the deep musk and woodsy vanilla become more noticeable, adding a rich depth to the fragrance

Opa! is sensual and flirty. It is so versatile, able to be the finishing touch for a special occasion or easily enjoyed every day. This perfume is loved by my daughter and I could see my mum wearing it, too, so really perfect for all ages.

Being an Eau de Parfum this perfume has great throw and longevity. 

I must say Opa! was love at first spritz!


  1. I'm very sensitive to smells and worry about trying perfumes. I do prefer sweet smells. Glad to read you enjoyed this.

    1. Certain perfumes can bring on a headache, which can be annoying when I like it. Thankfully, this one is gorgeous and I'm headache free wearing it! xx