Saturday, 28 April 2018

Australis Neutralize Palette

When I went to a recent cosmetics sale at Priceline an eye shadow palette was definitely not on my radar. It has been years since I've bought drugstore eye shadow because the quality is a bit meh in my opinion. Well, I happened to come across a tester of the Australis Neutralize palette and of course I couldn't help but swatch. I immediately put one in my shopping basket.

The palette contains 20 shades no less. Fancy packaging is something I am often drawn to, but I do like the practicality of being able to see the eye shadows through a clear plastic lid. As the name suggests, the shades are neutral, ranging from warm to cool, but there also some pink shades, too. Let's get on with the swatches.

There is a mix of metallics and mattes. Every need is covered to complete an eye look. From a colour to set eye primer, a highlight shade, crease shades, outer corner and of course lid shades. We all know that I love a shimmery lid shade!

The metallics are soft, especially the 3rd shade in the top row. so it's best not to use too much pressure when dipping an eye shadow brush into the pan. They are so pigmented and I love the foiled look that they give to the lids. The mattes are a little powdery, but so nice to use, blendable and smooth.

I must say that Australis has impressed me with this gorgeous palette and I hope they continue with this formula, but then again I will be tempted to buy even more eye shadow palettes that I don't need! Here's some eye looks that I created.

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