Friday, 6 April 2018

Shop My Stash Palette Edition- Kat Von D Spellbinding Palette

I am going back to an old palette for this Shop My Stash Palette Edition. The Kat Von D Spellbinding Palette is one that has been in my collection for years. The only use it has gotten is being swatched, so I just had to choose it to play with for a while.

Can we take a moment to admire the packaging. It is so gorgeous, and yes was definitely a consideration when I bought it. Ok, after that "moment", I will show you the opened palette.

Such a beautiful collection of shades that not only can be worn alone, but each pair can be mixed together to create a new shade.

The eye shadows swatched nicely. Creating eye looks that I was happy with proved to be difficult. Some of the shades applied beautifully, others I could only create a patchy mess. I didn't do a lot of mixing, because I find that doing my eye makeup took longer than normal as it was. 

There's so many lovely colours, but I found that it wasn't really a cohesive palette. I did have to use a matte palette for crease work, but that is not an issue for me. I don't hate the palette, I just can't imagine myself cherry picking certain shades for an eye look, I just wouldn't remember to.

Although I'm on the fence about this palette, the packaging alone has me keeping it for the moment.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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