Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Focus on Lumiere Foundations

I've been a fan of mineral powder foundations for some time. My introduction to mineral make up was Everyday Minerals. I liked it to the point that I bought so much product that I'm only just getting to my last supply. I thought it was time to begin trialling from other mineral make up companies.
I was so impressed with Lumiere's luxurious eye shadows, that I decided to make a purchase to include a "Try Me! Sample Baggie Kit"  In this sample kit you receive 8 baggies, with the choice of foundation finish, colour and the chance to try blushes as well.

There are many foundation colours available. There's even an option for an untinted base, so that you can add to your foundation to lighten it. If you still haven't found your match and feel that you are between 2 colours, custom mixes are also available So, all skin tones are catered for.
Four finishes are available: Veena Velvet- A buildable coverage from light/medium to heavy, that is for normal to oily skin and has a matte finish.
Flawless Face- Medium to heavy coverage, for normal to dry skin that has a matte finish.
Luminesse- A light to medium coverage for all skin types and has a silky finish.
Cashmere- Light to medium coverage for all skin types that has an almost matte finish.
Along with some blushes, I bought samples in Luminesse, Veena Velvet and Cashmere.

I really didn't want to post this pic of me wearing Luminesse in medium beige as it was too dark for me, but unfortunately, I only ordered this finish in one colour :/ It is harder for me to review this foundation, when I've picked a shade that is the wrong colour for my skin, but here goes, lol. I applied a light coverage, I could have applied more, but would have looked even more ridiculous than I already do! To me, I can compare the coverage to a finishing power, or in my case, a bronzer, lol. I could clearly see blemishes and age spots underneath. Though, I did find that it gave me an overall evening of skin tone and was not cakey. A great option for clearer skin days, when I want a "My skin, but better" look. The finish is not powdery and melds into the skin nicely.
I definitely want to try a lighter shade to see how it would look with a heavier application.

This is a pic of me wearing Veena Velvet in Medium Beige 2.3, a much better shade for me :) This foundation is buildable to a medium coverage, giving a silky finish. I love how it gives me a "glow from withing" look. Flaws remain visible, yet blurred, giving me a more even finish. I did need to touch up after 4 to 5 hours, however, I had not used a primer, as would normally be the case under foundation. That, and the fact that I had been sweating, thanks to humid weather. I would purchase a full size of this foundation, as I prefer a silky finish to a matte one.

This is Cashmere in Medium Beige 2.3, a matte finish with medium coverage. I didn't use concealer, but the only place I felt that I needed it was on my under eye circles. My pigmentation and red blemishes were covered sufficiently. This foundation wasn't at all drying, and kept my face oil free for hours. Although, it was the same shade as Veena Velvet, which matched perfectly, I found this foundation to be a shade too light for my liking. I personally prefer a more dewy finish, but anyone who prefers matte foundations should certainly give Cashmere a go.

Lumiere foundations are as lovely as I thought they'd be. I certainly want to purchase a full size of Veena Velvet, it offers everything that I love in a foundation. Dewy finish, without looking oily, medium coverage and a mineral powder that doesn't look or feel cakey. I do plan to give Luminesse a try in a colour that matches my skin tone :)


  1. I love that they have small samples of their products to try. It's so hard to buy something online when you're not sure of your colour.

    1. So true! I don't buy foundations from online stores unless they offer samples, it's just too risky.

  2. I think I may get some samples to try. I like luminous foundations. I haven't used much mineral make-up though!

    1. Certainly worth a try, Tara. The eye shadows are divine, plus if you like I nice soft eye pencil, the Ultimate liners are the bomb, just glide on effortlessly :)