Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow

With a name like Pearl Crush, these eye shadows sound divine, it's what drew me to these eye shadows. That, and the fact that the brand is Mirenesse, one in which I have come to love. You can purchase from their website, to be honest, I find them to be expensive at full price, however, they do offer good sales. With the right timing, I've been able to find good deals on ebay. Plus there is the occasional Mirenesse product on offer with a magazine purchase.
I bought the trio in Akoya Pearls.

I just love the cute packaging that Mirenesse offers, and as you can see, these eye shadow trios are no exception. The plastic casing feels quite solid, which is a good thing when it comes to protecting delicate eye shadows. This also makes them perfect for travel, as they are more durable.
These eye shadows have texture that feels like velvet, so luxurious to the touch. When applied dry the eye shadows have a pearl like finish. Using a damp brush gives the eye shadows depth, making them look more metallic, perfect for a more dramatic look. The eye shadows last beautifully throughout wear, and, as promised, are creaseless. This has become so important to me, as my lids become more hooded and creased with the lovely process that is ageing (sigh)

I applied the lightest colour on my brow bone to highlight. The middle colour on my tearduct, and the darkest colour on my lid. 
These eye shadows are so luxurious to use that I have recently bought 2 more trios! :)

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