Friday, 26 April 2013

Anniversary Nails

My husband and I hit a milestone's our 10th Wedding Anniversary! So, as with most special occasions, I must create themed nails :) It took me a while to decide on a design, but finally decided on a way to incorporate both of our favourite colours, green and pink. 

After my base coat of choice, Orly Bonder, (no surprise there) I applied Blush-Amour no 32 for a base colour. This is a gorgeous pearl white colour. It is quite a sheer shade. The next coat of this colour was rather thick, I didn't want it drying in a hurry. 
Next I applied dots of  Sally Hansen HD polishes in Pixel Pretty and Digital, both gorgeous metallic colours. I only applied these dots to the top half of my nails. I also added a couple of dots of Blush-Amour in a shimmery gold, which I seemed to have left out of the pic, oops!! Blush-Amour can be found at select "cheapie" stores, I think I paid $2 each, and I must say that the quality is quite decent. 
Moving quickly, I used a tooth pick to swirl through the polishes. I did begin with an inexpensive art brush, but that was a terrible idea. The bristles splayed in the first use, and made it difficult to use precisely. The tooth pick was a much better choice. I really need to buy some proper nail brushes! 
Whilst the design was still wet, I placed a nail crystal on each finger. If the pearl effect polish and crystals weren't enough, I also used a coat of Essie LuxEffects in Pure Pearlfection, giving an extra shimmer. Well, it is for a special occasion! Any excuse is a good excuse for bling ;)
A nice thick coat of Seche Vite finished off this mani. 

Now, I best be off to celebrate! :)

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