Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Smouldering Nails

I really can't seem to get the hang of the gradient nail design, but I'll keep trying. In saying that, I was content with the overall look of my nails. 

After applying Orly Bonder base coat, I applied a coat of MUD nail polish. I am not supposed to buy nail polishes until I start using some up, but find it so hard to pass a bargain price. I hadn't tried this brand before, but I thought at $2, I had nothing to lose. I like the creme formula, and think it's quite a decent polish for the price.
Next, I painted 2 vertical lines of nail polish onto the make up sponge, ensuring that Models Inc nail polish in Deep Plum was applied to my tips. The lighter red colour, Sally Hansen Laquer Shine in Dazzling (such a divine red!) I used as a colour to blend the deeper red with the peachy creme colour. I then patted the sponge onto the top half of my nails.
Attempting gradient nails I find difficult for some reason, however, I am learning that being generous with the nail polish on the sponge seems to work best, plus it's still wet enough to apply more for the next nail, instead of having to cut the end of the sponge after each application. Next time I might try using my unused eye shadow applicators.
As you can see I applied some glitter as a feature nail, this was to cover a mistake, lol. I used Blush Amour in shade 70. It is just a cheapie that I picked up from goodness knows where, lol. The gold, red and blue glitter really caught my eye, as I had nothing like it in my collection. 
A finishing coat of Seche Vite Top Coat and I was done.

Practice makes perfect, right??? Gosh, I hope so!!

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