Monday, 27 May 2013

Mission Accomplished- Mirenesse Auto Eyeliner.

It may sound crazy, but I love that feeling I get when I finish a product, especially when it's one that I am not in love with. This was the case with Mirenesse Eyeliner Duet in Ebony-Jade. 

When I first began using this eyeliner, I must admit, that I really wasn't a fan. I really love this brand, but I just found this eyeliner to drag a little on my lids. Now, I need to take into consideration that I had started using this liner after using a liquid liner. Once I had been using the liner for sometime, I discovered that it was great for lining my lower lashline. I like a crisp line on my upper lashline, but prefer a more smudged look along the bottom. 
I love Mirenesse packaging, not only lovely to look at, they are also practical. This one was no exception. I liked that the liner is double ended, the shade Ebony (black) one end and Jade (dark green) the other. 

I loved the retractable design, no sharpening, yay! A point of difference with this liner, that I have not seen before, is that each liner cartridge is removable, so if you have more than one, they could be changed around, depending on preference and need. This is also the case for the lipliner duets.
Although I predominately use black liners, I must say that I enjoyed using Jade, dark enough to line, but a nice change having a green shade for a different look.

Would I replace this product? Most likely not, only because there are products that perform just as well, or better for a more budget friendly price. I didn't hate this liner by any means, but it certainly isn't a favourite product.

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