Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mon Ennui

Do you like stand out eye shadow shades? Then keep reading, this post is for you. Mon Ennui offers many products, but I was lured to place an order by the gorgeous array of eye shadow shades, I'm a sucker for duo chromes. Full sized shadows come in larger jars, where as the samples (which are not always available) come in regular sized jars, not filled, of course. Unfortunately most of the following eye shadows are no longer available, hopefully you'll get an idea of the quality and beautiful theme throughout the Mon Ennui products, definitely worth looking at what is available. I'm so tempted to place another order! I could go on, but I really want to post some pics! :)

Gold Digger- Deep gold shimmer.

Mourning Rose- Pale pinky mauve with pink shimmer.

Secret Garden- Mint green, with a purple-y shift

Pyrite Treasure- Shimmery Moss Green.

Hypnotastic- Taupe with green shift.

Djinn- Dove grey with lavender shift.

Goddess- Mauve.

Birthday Girl- Cobalt blue with aqua shimmer.

Half Jack- Included 2 pics to show the shift of this gorgeous golden green colour.

Oil Slick- Charcoal with an iridescent finish.

Siren- Copper glitter.

It Girl- Pink glitter.

Van Gogh- Blue green glitter.

I wanted to incorporate some of the glitter to create a fun look. What's more fun than pink?? :) I began by applying Secret Garden to my lid. In the crease and blending towards my brow line, I used Goddess. Using a sticky base, I dabbed glitter, It Girl onto my upper and lower lash line. 

To create this look I applied Birthday Girl to my lid. I used Gold Digger into the crease blending it out, I also applied this colour to my lower lashline, framing it with Birthday Girl. 

The pics really don't do these eye shadows justice. The shifts in these colours are gorgeous. These eye shadows are also easy to apply, as they have a lovely texture that is surprisingly adhesive. Although the glitters are fun, I really can't see myself using them on my lids enough to justify full size purchases. Please be aware that you need a sticky base for these to stay in place. I'll probably apply the glitter on my nails, dusting over nail polish.
I must admit that these shadows are pricier than the indie ones that I would normally buy. However, their uniqueness is worth at least one order, which will most likely lead to others, lol. Besides, there are generally plenty of sales to take advantage of, like I did.


  1. What pretty shadows! I really like the look of Pyrite Treasure, Goddess, Djinn and Half Jack!

    Love your EOTDs too! The pink glitter one is stunning!


    1. Thanks gorgeous, these are such fun colours! That glitter was not easy to remove, I still had fall out the next day, lol

  2. OOh these shadows are gorgeous!! I want them!!! I love Hypnotastick, Goddess, Djinn and Half Jack! They are beautiful!