Saturday, 25 May 2013

Some Neutrals from Silk Naturals

Being in need of one of my skincare staples, AHA toner from Silk Naturals, is always a perfect excuse to add more of their fabulous mineral make up to my collection. At the moment, I'm loving the look of neutral eyes and bright lips. This order represents my current love, including neutral eye shadows with bright lipsticks and gloss. Let me show you :)

Faerie- Golden pearl with a subtle green shift. This eye shadow has a Prism finish, these are 100% pure pigments that have colour shift when applied over a sticky base.

Cornucopia- Bronze neutral, GWP that needs to be a regular shadow, I love it!

Namaste- Neutral shimmer (not currently available)

Exposed- A light tan matte that is a dupe of Urban Decay's Walk of Shame from the Naked Basics palette.

Latent- Light taupe matte. Dupe of Urban Decays Naked 2 from the Naked Basics palette.

Cameo- Nude pink with slight shimmer.

Sepia- Taupe with a hint of red.

Doubloons- Shimmery pewter with reddish and green highlights. This colour is gorgeous!

Aura- Coppery pink champagne shimmer.

Caldera- Orange copper shimmer in the Prism finish.

Chrome- A true metallic silver. This colour has to be my favourite ever silver colour!

Now for the lipsticks, I bought this palette, as it is perfect for my taste in lip colours, I appreciate the added lip brush. This palette is compact, yet sturdy. Perfect for travel.

Party Girl lip palette.

From left to right, we have Incite (red) Crazy Love (wine) Seedy (sheer red brown) Atomic (warm red) Showstopper (fuchsia).

I must admit to purchasing the lip glosses in part because of the cute, new packaging.  

On the left is Candid a cool pink shimmer, and right is Infinity which is a coral shade. They are both just gorgeous! 

Included in my order was a free sample of lipstick. Sample lip products come on a cotton bud in a baggie.

Secret- Brick red colour.

Choosing eye shadows for the EOTDs wasn't easy, I really like them all!

For this simple look I used Faerie on my lid, in the crease is Latent and under my brow I applied Namaste.

This is a similar look, but I just had to use Chrome eye shadow, I put this in my inner lid, with Doubloons in the centre, Caldera outer lid, Cameo under my brow and Sepia in the crease.

Stay tuned for the next Silk Naturals blog post as I've recently purchased some of the new eye shadow creams, which so far am loving!


  1. Very nice colours! Did you buy direct from the silk naturals website? if so, how was your experience with shipping? I really want to try this brand but I didn't know I could get my hands on it!

    1. Thanks hun! Yes, SN offers International shipping, it can get expensive depending on the size of your order, but that's the case now for US shipping, I guess. Processing is quick, and most of my orders arrive in 2 weeks. I love their products, definitely worth purchasing from :)