Thursday, 30 May 2013

Skincare Routine

I have never written a blog post dedicated to my skincare routine. I thought it was time that I did, but not just about what I'm using. I wanted to begin keeping track of what products are doing for my skin by including pictures, so that I can really see if they are of benefit. Unfortunately, this means pictures of myself sans make- up, so be WARNED, eek!! I should add that my skin is combination. I still get breakouts, but at 38, my skin is needing more hydration, especially on the areas outside my T-zone.

That looks like a lot of products for a skincare routine, but I'll break it down for you. 

One Hand Washes the Other Magic Soap. This soap is fabulous for acne prone skin. It cleans my skin beautifully, without stripping it. I also love the invigorating scent. I use this with the Clarisonic Mia, for a nice deep cleanse.
Silk Naturals 2 % BHA Toner. I normally purchase the AHA toner, but I somehow accidentally ordered this one. I'll go back to AHA, only because I think it is more beneficial for my skin.
Silk Natural Awesome Sauce Facial Serum. I normally prefer a Vitamin C product in the morning, but  decided to give this serum a try because of the great reviews. I like how light this serum is, perfect for day use.
Remergent Microcirculation Therapy. This cream is for the under eye area, especially for those that have dark circles...yes, that's certainly me! I do think it has helped lighten the area, but it's not a huge change. It has not helped with the lines. 
Natio Purifying Spot Treatment. OMG, I love this stuff! I see a change in my breakouts overnight!
Daintree Triple Action Complexion Whitening Concentrate or Mirenesse Power Lift Plus Day Treatment Cream. If I'm not wearing foundation, I finish with Hissy Fit Saving Face SPF 30+ Anti-ageing Foundation, which is more of a tinted moisturiser, or Derma Clear Sunscreen. (Depending how "clear" my skin is looking)

Mirenesse Power Lift Multi-Action Silk Cleanser. Fabulous at removing make up. 
Gaia foaming cleanser or Mirenesse Power Lift Massage Bead Cleanser. I've not been one to normally reach for a manual exfoliant, but I've been learning the importance of exfoliating, especially at my age, I need extra help to remove those ageing dead skin cells.
Avene Thermal Spring Water. I use this product to tone, and boy does it feel lovely on the skin!
Remergent Microcirculation Therapy.
Natio Spot Treatment.
Prai Oceanic Skin Firming Caviar, Platinum de Luxe Firming Eye Cream and Platinum de Luxe Firm and Contour Cream. I have the Prai products in deluxe sample sizes to try the brand out. I've heard great things about this brand. If the trial goes well, I have a feeling that I will be buying full sizes.

I like to treat my skin twice a week, generally using some type of peel or AHA mask and a clay mask. Typically on Tuesday I cleanse with Elucent AHA cleanser then follow with VooDoo Beauty Rose AHA Resurfacing Mask. On Thursday I once again begin with the Elucent cleanser then apply Daintree Purifying Earth Mineral Facial Mask. On both days I like to finish with a glycolic moisturiser.

Now for the pics, which will be my "before" pics after I have finished the Prai products.

As you can see in these pics, my skin concerns are pigmentation, uneven skin tone, break outs, crows feet, dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

Hopefully my follow up post will reveal some improvements in my skin :)

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