Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mission Accomplished- Coastal Scents Camo Quad

Online store, Coastal Scents is a makeup lover's dream website. Everything you need for a full face of makeup is available for purchase, there are even products available to make your own products!

My last order included the Camo Quad. I thought it would be a great item to contour with. I still don't contour.. in saying that, for some time I used no other concealing products, but this quad. The compact contains 4 shades, I chose medium, to camouflage all imperfections. The colours can be mixed to make that perfect shade for your skin colour.

I can't say that I loved the plastic compact. Not a good item for travel, my lid broke fairly easily. This wasn't a huge problem for me, because I don't usually travel.

The concealers are quite creamy in consistency, making them easy to apply and blend on the skin. 

The white I used as a highlighter, as it was not opaque once blended. The next lightest shade, I liked to apply under makeup on and around my eye area. Doing this concealed my dark circles, and evened out the skintone on my lids, prepping them for eye shadow application. Although I got plenty of use out of these shades, I also liked having the option to mix a desired shade.

Although these were easy to use, I'm not sure I would attempt to conceal over foundation, as they did tend to slide a little too much for my liking. Definitely usable, but for me, the Coastal Scents Camo Quad is not a must-have item in my makeup collection.


  1. They do look super creamy Indie ;D I love creamy products as I find them easier to work with. But what a shame it isn't a complete winner for you. I'll have to check out coastal scents. I've never heard of that site before xx

  2. I find creamy concealers to slide on my skin during wear, tho they are easy to apply. Be warned, Coastal Scents will have you wanting to add many things to your shopping cart, lol. xx

  3. I haven't tried CC's concealer but I haven't been able to part from my yellow and green concealers, I was amazed by their effect to rid redness and dark circles!!

    1. Maybe I need a yellow concealer, I have terrible dark circles