Sunday, 7 December 2014

Mireness Superlong Wear Gel

Thanks to Hailey's extremely helpful winged liner tutorial, I am now using gel liner a lot more. You can check out her post on The Beauty In Life here

I'm finding using a gel liner more forgiving than liquid liner. More precise than pencil liner.I am slowly becoming less and less intimidated by this form of liner.

Mirenesse Superlong Wear Gel Mineral Face Colour has been in my collection for some time, hardly touched, until recently.

A creamy long wearing mineral gel that promises to remain budge and smudge proof throughout wear, with no flaking. Offering 27 Hr wear time, the product is suitable for use all over the face.

The pot of gel comes in a 4 g size. The packaging is classy whilst being practical. 

As a part of the lid, the top section stores the gel brush. Pretty nifty, I think.

When I began using the gel on a daily basis, I found it to be rather thick, not quite as creamy as I would have liked. It "skipped" a little during application, so I had to go over some parts of the line to get a more even application. 

After thinking about how long I'd had this liner, I decided to take a stiff brush and scrape off the top layer of product. This seemed to do the trick, obviously drying out a little, so doing this I discovered that underneath that layer, the liner was a little creamier, and easier to apply.

Once I am happy with the line, I find that it sets rather quickly. 

The included brush is fine, but I much prefer using an angled liner brush, I am able to get a neater line, and I feel more in control of the product.

The smudge proof claims turned out to be true. No budging, no flaking. 

Having hooded lids, I have to be careful of transfer to my crease. I haven't had to worry about that with this liner.

27 hour wear? My goodness, I hope I never have to test that one out! Lol. It does last until I wash it off, though, which is all I need!

As you can see, I still could use some practice!

If you use a gel liner, please share your fave, as I'd like to try out some different brands! :)


  1. Love reading about what new techniques and products you're trying out Indie :-) There was a time when I only ever used Mirenesse gel, but I'm into crayons at the mo, with powder pressed over the top for the upper lid, and my can't-live-without MNY Master Precise liquid liner for the bottom. It'll probably all change next month lol - how beaut it is to have so many choices!

  2. I agree, Kat, it is wonderful having so much choice, well until you can't make your mind up on what to use! LOL