Sunday, 28 December 2014

Select Clear Zinc Sunscreen

We all know how important wearing sunscreen is. Are you aware of the physical vs chemical debate? When sunscreen became a vital product in my skincare routine, I didn't look at the ingredients list, I just wanted to see that there was a high SPF available. 

Only recently I've decided that I will only use physical sunscreen. There's been a lot of discussion about chemical sunscreen could be a carcinogenic, and that the chemicals can also be absorbed into the bloodstream. This is part of the reason, but, to be honest, a physical sunscreen appeals more to my vanity. Chemical sunscreen can actually cause pigmentation, which is what I aim to prevent when protecting my skin from the harsh effects of the sun.

During another riveting supermarket shop, I was in need of some sunscreen. I come across own Woolworths brand Select Clear Zinc Sunscreen.  Just like the brand, there's no frills. No huge claims, this is a zinc based sunscreen. That's all I was after, so into my shopping trolley it went.

The 100g tube has a simple flip top lid.

Zinc based sunscreens usually equal a thick consistency. This sunscreen is certainly no exception.

Using such a thick cream for my face is foreign for me. I was worried that it would cause havoc on my combination skin. I'm not overly keen on the feel and the initial white caste on my skin. It feels heavy and sticky. Something I disliked.

I might not be a huge fan, but my skin seems to like it! No congestion or break outs, which is certainly a bonus when using sun protection. It is a finish that actually works quite well under makeup.

I am now beginning to get used to this sunscreen, and am quite happy with it for the budget price. 


  1. Interesting... How does it work with foundation on top of it? Does it ball up and feel funny at all?

    1. I've had no problems at all. I will generally use a primer over the top, but if I've only just put on the sunscreen, I've found both liquid and creme to apply as easy as over a primer :)