Friday, 19 December 2014

SOTD- Alkemia "Aphrodesia"

Alkemia "Aphrodesia" is described as "An intoxicating blend of deep eastern spices, warmed with creamy vanilla and a few drops of golden frankincense."

Upon application, this perfume is very incensey, headshop strong. Heading towards being pungent. I'm not a fan of this stage.

I like the drydown. It becomes soft, powdery, with the vanilla offering a sweet, syrup-y quality. There's also a metallic, zestiness.

It is rather nice. 

Feminine and exotic with the eastern spices. 

Personally, I don't find Aphrodesia to be a heavily sexy perfume, as I was expecting, but it does have its own appeal. Not enough for me to warrant a full size oil, but I will enjoy the sample. 

In the past, being on the fence about a perfume meant a purchase, but now it has to be love before I add to my existing perfume collection.

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