Monday, 26 February 2018

Wotnot Anti-Aging Facial Sunscreen and Primer

I may have found my HG sunscreen in the Skin79 Water Wrapped Sunscreen, but I am still on the search for an easily accessible sunscreen preferably in Australia and a physical option. The Wotnot Anti-Aging Facial Sunscreen and Primer was brought to my attention by a fellow member on my fave website Beauty Heaven.

Taken from Wotnot- "Wotnot SPF 30 anti-aging facial sunscreen and primer uses the finest and most gentle natural extracts to protect, prime and brighten while Cosmos approved plant collagen helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles."

The sunscreen is packaged in a 75 g squeeze tube with flip top lid which is the typical packaging for a sunscreen. This product is a thick consistency. Not surprisingly, it has a sunscreen scent, but it isn't strong.

Although the sunscreen is a thick lotion it is easy to work with. I can distribute the product evenly across face and neck without too much effort. I have not experienced any uneven patches when applying. 

Something I've noticed when I apply this sunscreen is that I have been experience a slight reaction. I can't describe it as a burning, because it doesn't hurt. Maybe a warming of the skin..? It's weird because I don't have sensitive skin and I wouldn't have thought there was anything in the gentle formula to cause a reaction.

I am left with a slight white cast, which does make my skin look ashy. I have also found that the sunscreen remains tacky throughout wear and can look a little shiny.

Under makeup it is great, I do not need to use a primer as this makes for a lovely base for foundation. Makeup just glides over the top and this sunscreen helps it to last throughout wear.

Unfortunately, I am not impressed by the Wotnot Anti-Aging Facial Sunscreen and Primer, it's great under makeup, but I'm looking for an alrounder sunscreen that I don't need makeup to cover. I actually prefer the Sunsense Sensitive Invisible Sunscreen which is cheaper and has a higher SPF at 50 +


  1. It does sound nice under makeup! I need to start wearing sunscreen more often, but one that leaves a white cast probably isn't the best option. I will check out the other ones that you mentioned!

    1. Wearing a sunscreen is the skincare product that I now can't live without, Katie. I hope you find one you like xx