Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Nail Polish Declutter Update #4

I will begin by admitting that this update was not a great one for wearing nail polish. I managed to try on 5, meaning that for 1 of the weeks I only wore 1 nail polish. I really need to up my game if I'm going to get this declutter done in this century! 

Rich Pearl

 Blue Illusion

Avante Green

Endless Blue

I will be keeping Jelly and Endless Blue. This means I am getting rid of 3 nail polishes! Yes! I really liked the rich chocolate brown shade of Rich Pearl, but the formula is thick and hard to apply. I am not keen on the blue shade of Blue Illusion  and Avante Green is very sheer.

Current tally of nail polishes is 24.

Thanks for reading! xx

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