Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Products That I Repurchase

As a beauty lover I feel the need to try new things. However, there are products that are must haves and I need them in my collection. Some I have multiple back-ups of because I just can't be without them in my stash.

I'll break down my repurchased products for you.

Swisse Deep Sea Hydrating Mist Toner- I had received a travel size of this mist toner in a goodie bag and loved how hydrating it was for my skin, so although it's a fairly new discovery for me, I now have bought 2 and already can't imagine being without it!

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner- This was my first experience with a K-beauty Essence. I do want to try more, but I loved using this one so much that I bought another and it's one that I'm sure I'll keep coming back to.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner- This toner is a no frills toner that preps my skin in the morning by removing any impurities before I start applying lotions and potions. It is a budget friendly option for me that does what I need it to.

The Ordinary Buffet Serum- This is another product that I have only used one bottle of. I was so impressed with this peptide packed serum that I have bought another one. I don't like to stock up on serums, but I will continue to purchase this amazing serum whenever I finish one!

Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combination Skin- This BB cream has been a staple in my stash for years. I do try other BB creams, but always come back to this one!

Skinn Lip Scrub- I love this coarse sugary lip scrub. Not only does it scrub off the dry flaky skin, but is also moisturising on my lips. It takes me forever to get through a tub, but apparently I need 2 spares!

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer- I only currently have one of these concealers, but plan on buying more. I love it for hughlighting my under eye area, it does a great job of concealing my dark circles.

Silk Naturals Stick Em Eye Primer- This eye primer is amazing for making any shimmery eye shadow pop. I have used this eye primer for years and found it necessary for every eye look when I was using loose mineral shadows on the daily. A tube of this stuff lasts such a long time, I only need one back-up at a  time.

Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder- I recently stocked up on this powder when Priceline had a 40% off makeup sale. The powder is creamy, non-cakey and I love the way it looks on my skin. I hit pan on one of them, but I think I'm pretty well stocked for the time being :)

YBF Universal Brow Pencil- This brow product is a long time favourite of mine. The pencil is the perfect consistency and the colour can be controlled depending on the pressure used when applying. I like the fine tip, it makes applying so easy!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer- Another Maybelline product, another concealer. This creamy concealer is what makes me look like I've had hours more sleep than I really do!

Moreish Cream Cleanser- This is my favourite cleanser, can you tell? I have 5 back-ups because Priceline is no longer going to be selling it. Instead of crying when the SA informed me, I ran back and grabbed the last 2 on the shelf! Thankfully I'm stocked up for the year! :)

Simple Oil Cleanser- A product I don't ever want to be without is this oil cleanser. I was actually surprised when collecting the cleansers to do this post that I had so many stashed away. They are a very budget friendly, effective makeup remover, yet when they come on sale I feel the need to buy 2 or 3, maybe more... ;)

What products can't you live without?


  1. ooohhh...I havent tried the Simple cleansing Oil but I love their Micellar water. I will have to check out the cleansing oil.

    1. I was actually thinking of giving the Simple Micellar Water a try, I'm happy to hear that you like it! xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your Moreish cleanser being discontinued. Thats so frustrating isnt it?!!The Buffet serum sounds great. Thanks Indie for another great post :) Freaky x

    1. I am very unhappy about the Moreish cleanser being discontinued, hopefully I find a replacement I like just as much xx

  3. I've got backups of Essano's micellar water (nearly finished my current big bottle & have another one waiting to be used), hand creams from Botani & Lanolips, 2 ABH Brow Wiz's waiting to go & also have 2 Lanolips Coconutter lip balms on the go (1 in my room, the other in my handbag). I try & stock up on skincare at a certain Priceline sale that rolls around every 6 months, but other than that I don't really back stuff up unless I'm running out of it or its on sale.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. I'm the same, I will only stock up when products are on sale. Maybe a little overboard sometimes, lol

  4. There aren’t any skin care products I can think of. But I do love my Rimmel wake me up foundation.

    1. I haven't tried that foundation yet, I've heard great things xx