Monday, 13 August 2018

Beauty By Nicholas Omega Hydroxy

The Beauty by Nicholas Omega Hydroxy serum is a product I won in a prize pack. I received it months ago, but because I like to use products up first before opening new ones, this one had to wait. I was so happy when I finally had the opportunity to apply the serum to my face.

Taken from Priceline- "Reveal your inner glow with Omega Hydroxy. Forget the pain, costs and downtime of laser and chemical peels, this deeply exfoliating, resurfacing treatment helps brighten and revitalise your skin, leaving it feeling seriously clean, refined and renewed."

The serum is packaged in a chrome bottle with red label. There is 50 ml of product in the bottle and it has a pump-top to dispense product. I love that it has airless packaging, I just find it inconvenient not being able to see how much product I have left.

The serum has a very lightweight creamy consistency and has an almost floral with a hint of chemical, lol. Sounds bad, but it's not, the fragrance isn't strong.

I've only been applying this product to my face, so one pump is enough. The serum absorbs so quickly, making my face feel soft and smooth. I haven't had any adverse reaction, not even a slight tingle since using.

After a few weeks of use, I am impressed with the results. The texture of my skin is so smooth. My skin is clearer and I have less congestion around my nose.  I am happy with the improvements so far and am hoping my skin will continue to look nicer.

The Beauty By Nicholas Omega Hydroxy serum is a definite win for me.


  1. Sounds like a great serum. I'm trying a new one at the moment as well. I'm new to skincare but trying to learn more.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty
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    1. It is fantastic, hun. I hope you find skincare that you love.