Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dapper Owl Review

Not really needing more bath and beauty products, I still had to buy the Heartsy voucher for The Dapper Owl, $10 for a $32 voucher, sounded pretty good to me.

The owner is Alexandra and she is a full time college student. In her words "I love making soaps and other bath products in my spare time. My favorite things to include in my shop are bright, fun colors for kids and old fashioned recipes that are good for everyone and vegan friendly!"

My order was packaged well, and I appreciated the personal touch of a hand written card offering me a discount on my next order.

I purchased the following;
Tangerine soap: "This layered soap smells wonderful! Tangerine and orange come together to make a beautiful, citrus filled soap. I've added orange peel to the mixture to give it a little bit of extra scrubbing power. Orange peel is a natural exfoliant and is gentle, yet effective when used on the face."

Solid perfume in Bee's Knees: "This is one of my best selling scents! I love the blend of oatmeal mixed with high notes of honey and creme and almonds. It's a soft smell that lingers gently on your skin without being overpowering".
I like this blend of rich, yet gentle creamy honey, with oatmeal and almonds in the mix, it has an almost caramelized honey note to it. Unfortunately for me, it's so close to the skin that I must keep sniffing my wrists just to capture the sweet, dainty scent. If there was more throw, this would be one of my fave perfumes.

Summer Love solid perfume: "Here for the summer only, this wonderful scent is reminiscent of driving down a country road in the summer with the windows down. A wonderful blend of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries along with gentle notes of peaches and magnolias make this a wonderful, girly scent!"
Effervescent fruity with floral fragrance. Feminine, uplifting summery scent. Soft, yet bright.

Sweet Darlin' solid perfume: "This is one of my absolute favorite scents ever. This is an imitation of Victoria's Secret 'Love Spell' scent and matches it wonderfully! This little pot is also much more convenient than carrying around a large bottle in your purse." 
Quite a similar "feel" as Summer Love, but is fruity instead of floral. Sweet and slightly tart. Fruit punch anyone??

The solid perfumes are stored in clear tubs with screw top lids and labels covering the top of the lid. Small enough to carry in a handbag for convenient re-application.

Alexandra also included a strawberry soap..a very generous freebie!! 

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